Martial House @ Chingay Parade 2016

3e24cfff4172fc569dc6ce39018d5bb4 Once again, Martial House is privileged to be part of the national event, Chingay Parade! The parade is also the largest street performance and float parade in Asia! This year, Martial House was involved in a variety of segments include the pre-parade and the main show segments. 3cfc52240fcedf848a0da7e6f5494298 During the pre-parade segment, the dynamic twin brothers, Nigel & Neville Cheong wore the LED costumes and flew up the night sky to deliver an aerial performance with flags. The aerial act may seem graceful and easy but in fact, it requires a lot of strength and coordination especially when the wind is much stronger at the top. Besides the pre-parade, the twins, along with the other participants from Martial House, were also part of the third segment, “Friendship all over the World”. In the segment, the participants collaborated with the performers from Fujian Song and Dance Theatre to present the magnificent act “The Dream of Maritime Silk Road”! IMG_1300 The item was made possible by the artistic directors, including Gordon Choy, Kevan Cheah and Xue Yong Zhi from Martial House, as well as various behind-the-scene warriors who have worked hard to coordinate the performance! eaaeecd44d070d32ea480e97960ddbbc During the “250 Big Sisters Celebrate Chinese New Year” act in second segment, “Sun Wu Kong” made an appearance. Do you know that the “Sun Wu Kong” was actually Martial House Choreographer & Artistic Director, Gordon Choy! His cheeky rendition of “Sun Wu Kong” has indeed brought fun and laughter to the audiences! 12647415_10153435176003129_39042371612065061_n Chingay Parade 2016 was indeed a fun and exciting journey for the Martial House family! Martial House would like to thank all participants, parents and coaches for the effort and dedication to make this performance a success! 5862dca332f808fc221dda616af01ab2 If you have missed Chingay Parade 2016, click here to watch it on Toggle.

De Wu Pugilistic Association Belt Grading Examination

IMG_0998 Kindly refer to the following details for the upcoming De Wu Pugilistic Association Belt Grading Examination. Venue: MHQ, 115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-02 Singapore 409839 Date: 27 February 2016, Saturday Reporting Time: 4:15pm (for Registration) Start Time: 5:00pm (for White Belt) & 6:00pm (for Green-White Belt & Above) Note: All candidates are required to be in their full uniform with the De Wu Pugilistic Association logo and belt. Each candidate is also required to bring along 2 passport-size photos. For Martial House Star Card Members, kindly bring along the Star Card to enjoy an exclusive discount.

Opening of MHQ!

IMG_1298 On 13 February 2016, MHQ, the new Martial House headquarters, is officially opened! More than 250 students, parents and guests were present to grace the occasion! Martial House was privileged to have award winning getai star, Lee Pei Fen to host the event! LPF The opening ceremony commenced with the ribbon cutting ceremony and the spectacular lion dance Cai Qing performance by Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre! IMG_1296 Following was a series of Wushu performances, starting with the a group display by the students from Victoria School. IMG_0787 After which, a total of 25 Martial House stars delivered a massive Wushu display of the various routines including Nanquan, Taijiquan & Changquan! IMG_1292 1. Kevan Cheah (SEA Games Wushu Champion) 2. Ho Lin Ying (World Wushu Champion) 3. Emily Sin (World Wushu Champion) 4. Zoe Mui (SEA Games Champion) 5. Samuel Tan (World Wushu Silver Medalist) 6. Tay Yu Xuan (Asian Junior Wushu Silver Medalist) 7. Damien Teo (Star Awards: Young Talent Award Winner) 8. Yap Wei Ren 9. Neville Cheong 10. Nigel Cheong 11. Josephine Lee 12. Leo Yi Long 13. Loh Yan Ping 14. Chua Xin Qi 15. Ng Shinn 16. Ng Yu Ninn 17. Zachary Ng 18. Koh Hao Xuan 19. Olivia Yeo 20. Ryane Lim 21. Berlynn Ng 22. Douglas Leow 23. Joel Ng 24. Chua Wen Bin 25. Leo Zhi Xuan IMG_0783 A big thank you to the performers for the impressive performance that wowed the crowd! Also, special thanks to the Martial House Coaches, Kevan Cheah, Wang Kai Ting & Yap Zheng Yan for choreographing and coordinating the performance! IMG_1293 Martial House would also like to specially thank the following celebrity guests for taking time off their busy schedule to attend the opening ceremony of MHQ: Dasmond Koh, Aloysius Pang, Gavin Teo, Michelle Tay & Jayley Woo. IMG_1295 Once again, a big thank you to all students, parents and guests for attending the opening of MHQ. Your presence and support meant a lot to the Martial House family! Now, let’s take a look at the video montage of the event done by Ding Han Liang from Anomalyst Studio: The new Martial House training schedule for 2016 was also released. Click here to view the schedule. To find out more about our courses, kindly contact Timothy via email at [email protected].

You’re Invited to the Official Opening of MHQ!

MHQ Opening E-invite 13 Feb 2016-1

To all Martial House students & parents:

You are cordially invited to our official opening of the new Martial House headquarters, MHQ! We sincerely hope you are be able to attend and grace this event!

Official Opening of MHQ

Date: 13 February 2016, Saturday 
Time: 11:30am
Venue: 115 Eunos Avenue 3, #05-02, Singapore 409839

Kindly refer to attached map guide.

map guide - 115 Eunos Ave 3-1

Note: In view of the opening, all classes at Beatty Secondary School (Indoor Sports Hall) & Martial House @ Katong (Studio) on 13 February 2016, Saturday is cancelled.
Kindly note that regular training will resume on 14 February 2016 (Sunday). If you have any queries, feel free to contact Timothy via email at [email protected].

Action-Packed CNY Week with the Martial House Stars!

57c395474677e50752de508259d2822a It was another action-packed week as Martial House welcomes the Year of the Monkey! The Martial House Stars were involved in a series of performances and events to celebrate the Chinese New Year (CNY). 1. Wushu Performances @ Clementi Mall (30 & 31 January 2016) FullSizeRender-6 After impressing the shoppers at Clementi Mall the previous week, the Martial House Stars were back once again for more action! The performers were: 30 January 2016 a. Yap Wei Ren b. Chua Xin Qi c. Melissa Mak d. Toh Xiang Hao e. Eugene Yeo IMG_0498 31 January 2016 a. Ho Lin Ying b. Yap Wei Ren c. Ng Shinn d. Ng Yu Ninn e. Eugene Yeo FullSizeRender-7 Photo Credits: Gina Koh 2. Wushu Performances @ Square 2 (31 January & 5 February 2016) FullSizeRender-9 The Martial House Stars were back at Square 2 once again to showcase some of their dynamic moves and actions! The Stars included: 31 January 2016 a. Neville Cheong b. Nigel Cheong c. Chua Xin Qi d. Adrian Tan e. Ng Geng Jui f. Travier Wong g. Melvin Tan h. Vanessa Cheong IMG_0535 5 February 2016 a. Ho Lin Ying b. Neville Cheong c. Nigel Cheong d. Leo Yi Long e. Travier Wong f. Koh Hao Xuan g. Caston Lim FullSizeRender-10 Blogger Alexander Tan was among the shoppers who caught the Martial House Stars in action. The Stars have left an impression on him that he blogged about the performance. He even managed to film the performance and shared them on his blog! Click here to visit Alexander’s blog. 3. Ushering in the Year of Monkey with Avnet – IBM – Lenovo (2 February 2016) IMG_0550 On 2 February 2016, Martial House was invited to perform in a corporate event “Ushering in the Year of Monkey with Avnet – IBM – Lenovo”. A stage collaboration between the Wushu & Face Changing performances was specially arranged which served as an energetic opening to the event! The performers were: a. Seow Wei Kai b. Yap Zheng Yan c. Yap Yuan Xin d. Ellie Tay e. Caston Lim f. Ng Teck Hong g. Jessen Tan h. Timothy Chan i. Wan GuangYao 4. Cultural Exchange Programme with Japanese Students (3 & 4 February 2016) IMG_0603-1 On 3 & 4 February 2016, Martial House collaborated with Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre to conduct a Cultural Exchange Programme for a group of Japanese students. a983bfbe2b04eeb37deb92981dc8fabe Upon arrival, the students were first greeted by the ambassadors through a dynamic performance. Following, the students were introduced to the Chinese traditional and cultural art of Wushu and Lion Dance through an interactive hands-on session facilitated by the ambassadors. The ambassadors from Martial House were: 3 February 2016 a. Ellie Tay b. Yap Yuan Xin c. Travier Wong d. Clement Soo e. Caston Lim b0409aa619878b4d6e34c25ffd1317a8 4 February 2016 a. Ng Teck Hong b. Ellie Tay c. Yap Yuan Xin d. Clement Soo e. Caston Lim IMG_0612 Photo Credits: Ng Teck Hong 5. CNY Celebration @ Stamford American International School (5 February 2016) c122b013785b6164631b8574efeb13d5 For the 4th consecutive year, Martial House and Stamford American International School (SAIS) collaborated to deliver a series of spectacular performances for the students, parents and teachers to celebrate the lunar new year. a582b94afd29e3d396b9c16928ed2a29 Besides the traditional Lion & Dragon Dance, there were Chinese Plate Spinning Acrobat, Diabolo (a.k.a. Chinese Yoyo) and Wushu performances. The Martial House Stars who performed for the Wushu segment were: a. Damien Teo b. Neville Cheong c. Ellie Tay d. Yap Yuan Xin e. Travier Wong f. Clement Soo g. Koh Hao Xuan h. Caston Lim c29f8390278340360984f77484e51008 Photo Credits: Leo Wen Yeow 6. Heineken Got Talent (5 February 2016) IMG_0640 On 5 February 2016, the Martial House LED Modern Lions were invited to be part of the opening segment of the “Heineken Got Talent” event. In collaboration with the traditional lion dance team, the performers delivered an electrifying performance! Kudos to the performers from Martial House: a. Ng Teck Hong b. Caston Lim c. Shawn Tan d. Dayton Leem IMG_0643 7. CNY Celebration @ Orchard Hotel Singapore (7 February 2016) dfb40676d8777b209eb028f1fc4c1bb7 To hype up the festive mood and enhance the dining experience at Orchard Hotel Singapore, the God of Fortune & Lucky Monkey from Martial House were invited to share their new year blessings with the guests. Besides the mascots, booths were set up to provide guests with CNY-related souvenirs such as the traditional dough figurines and Chinese fans with customised auspicious greetings calligraphed on them. 24363630ff96eb21b2c6c452753af192 8. Lion Dance Cai Qing @ Comms Square Creative Pte Ltd (10 February 2016) The Lion Dance troupe from Martial House was invited to the office of Comms Square Creative Pte Ltd for a Cai Qing performance. dc56fe0c526890bab4b482d54c94601c “Cai Qing” (a.k.a. “plucking the greens”) is a homonym for “wealth and fortune” whereby the lion(s) will dance to approach to “eat” and then “spit” the green vegetables and oranges. The act is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the business. If you would like to engage Martial House for performances, kindly send your queries via email to [email protected].

Martial House @ Lions Charity Show 2016

FullSizeRender-4 On 24 January 2016, Martial House was privileged to be part of the Lions Charity Show 2016 which was telecasted “live” on MediaCorp TV Channel 8. With the theme of “active and graceful ageing”, the show included performances by active senior citizens with local and international celebrities. IMG_0330-2 The Martial House Stars, led by Timothy Chan, performed to the iconic song “A Man Should Better Himself” along with renowned local artiste and Getai veteran, Marcus Chin. The Stars included: 1. Neville Cheong 2. Nigel Cheong 3. Ng Geng Jui 4. Travier Wong 5. Melvin Tan 6. Brandon Lee 7. Ng Teck Hong 8. Shawn Tan 9. Jeremy Tan 10. Wang Choon Hai IMG_0328-2 Over S$3,317,730.00 was raised through the Lions Charity Show for the Lions Home for the Elders and the Lions Befrienders, a welfare organisation that helps to improve the social, psycho-emotional and physical well-being of the elderly. The show was also the first “live” show to be held at the new MediaCorp Campus. IMG_0348 It was indeed a great honour for Martial House to be involved in the charity show, doing our humble part to help raise funds to improve the well-being of the senior citizens in Singapore. FullSizeRender-3

Announcement for Classes on 5, 7 & 8 February 2016

IMG_0603 To all Martial House students & parents, kindly note the following: 1. 5 February 2016 (Friday) – Due to unavailability of venue, training at Hong Wen School (Indoor Sports Hall), from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, i.e. HWF, will be conducted at MHQ instead. The address for MHQ is 115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-02 Singapore 409839. 2. 7 February 2016 (Sunday) – There is no training at Martial House @ Katong (Studio) due to Chinese New Year. 3. 8 February 2016 (Monday) – There is no training at Martial House @ Katong (Studio) due to Chinese New Year. Kindly note that regular training will resume on 10 February 2016 (Wednesday). If you have any queries, feel free to contact Timothy via email at [email protected].

Winners of the Martial House Ang Bao Giveaway Contest

12622365_10153840262149383_6925588816599829737_o Congratulations to the winners of the Martial House Ang Bao Giveaway contest! Each winner will bring home the limited edition Ang Bao for this Chinese New Year! 1. 梁旂銨‪ 2. Emily Sin 3. Jade Wong 4. 黄靖雯 5. Lim Hao Jie 6. Martin Tay 7. Zoe Mui 8. Leo Rui Ling 9. Joyce Lee 10. Dexter Tan 11. Riley Kai Yi 12. Huang De Hong 13. Wang Kai Ting 14. Joanne Chew 15. Choo Fong Fong 16. Ho Lin Ying 17. Leonard Sim 18. JiaJun Lim 19. Clement Soo 20. Gina Koh 21. Shu Yan 22. Shawn Tan 23. Lim Bak Huat Patrick 24. MuiMui Wong 25. Joanna Ng 26. Alice Yeong 27. Iryn Megan Tan 28. Valerie Low 29. Chen Jiayi 30. Justin Low 31. Gary Liew 32. Ronald Chi Peng Huat 33. 张庶民 34. Eileen Kuo 35. Ron Lew 36. Michelle Liew 37. Fiona Loh Pei Yu 38. Zi Jie 39. Shun Wen 40. LuLu Luka 41. Gavin Teo Chongzhe 42. Jennifer Goh 43. Joel Ng 44. Jessica Fen 45. Sharon Yee 46. Gordon Choy‪ 47. 丁志勇 Cruz Teng 48. Eric Li 49. Kimberly Chia 50. Damien Teo 51. Janice Law 52. Kathryn Toh 53. Catherine Fong 54. Michelle Tay 55. Chua Zhong Ming Jasper To all winners, kindly reply us (via Facebook private message) the following so that we can give you more information on your prize. a. Full Name b. Contact Number c. Home Address d. Email Address We will need this information to verify your identity so that we can mail your prize to you. Kindly come back to us with your details by 5 February 2016, 10:00pm, so that we can prepare your prize for you. We won’t be able to guarantee that your prize will still be available if we receive your details later than that, so please be sure to reply us before then. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for more exciting contests!