A Young & Budding Star, Damien Teo!

Damien Teo Even though Martial House Star, Damien Teo, appeared in MediaCorp Channel 8 drama, The Journey: Tumultuous Times, for only 3 episodes, he has received many positive comments for his realistic acting! Click here to read what netizens have to say about his performance in the show. Damien Teo (1) If you have not seen Damien’s outstanding acting skills, click the links below to watch them on xinmsn website. The Journey: Tumultuous Times – Episode 1 The Journey: Tumultuous Times – Episode 2 The Journey: Tumultuous Times – Episode 3 Do you know that Damien once represented Team Singapore in the World Junior Wushu Championships in 2012? Catch some of his action movements below! https://youtube.com/watch?v=50qoLcM3m14 Damien’s first television appearance was during the Sheng Siong Show, where he played the role of the young warrior, Yi Wan (a Chinese translation of “Ten Thousand”). https://youtube.com/watch?v=UV2WQSro-y0 Damien also appeared in Resort World Sentosa’s commercial! https://youtube.com/watch?v=IBjfXj4Y12w He is definitely a young talent who possess many different skills! Will he be the next recipient of the Star Awards for Young Talent? Let’s wish Damien all the best and hopefully we will get to see him more often on television!

Damien Teo @ The Journey: Tumultuous Times

Damien Teo with Joanne and Allen Finally, the first episode of MediaCorp local drama, The Journey: Tumultuous Times, is aired on Channel 8! https://youtube.com/watch?v=1vmQG_iCM3g The opening scene began with a shot of Martial House Star, Damien Teo, kneeling in front on an ancestral altar as a punishment by his “mother”, acted by well-known actress, Joanne Peh. If you missed the first episode of the drama, you may catch in on the xinmsn website! The Journey: Tumultuous Times, is currently aired at 9.00pm on Channel 8.

Martial House Stars @ Monkey Goes West

1416907690910 After months of practices, the Martial House Stars have finally made their performance debut on 21 November 2014, at Monkey Goes West, a production by Wild Rice! The Stars involved were: 1. Joshua Goh 2. Micah Goh 3. Devni Chamodya Kaluarachchi 4. Jonas Lee Fong Khin 5. Shannon Lee Yu En 6. Beckham Lee Yu Jie 7. Javis Lee Yan Jie 8. Douglas Leow Kee Teck 9. Ng Yu Ninn 10. Ng Yu Shinn 11. Benjamin Ong 12. Isaac Peh 13. Justin Poon Jun Jie Watch the behind the scene video of Monkey Goes West: https://youtube.com/watch?v=5LgIChJRU18 Martial House’s Artistic Consultant & Choreographer, Gordon Choy, was also involved. He took the roles of Movement Coach, Fight Choreographer & Dance Captain in the production. 1416907839563 Martial House Coach Reann was among those who caught the first show and she commented: “It was a wild, adventurous and inspiring performance! I love how the traditional Chinese story blend in with a modern touch!” 1416907826567 The play is on from 21 November 2014 till 13 December 2014. Do not miss this massive local production by Wild Rice at Victoria Theatre! Grab your tickets from SISTIC now! 1416907775213 Watch the trailer of Monkey Goes West below: https://youtube.com/watch?v=DebNbYOLQSI

Beatty Secondary School Wushu Overseas Training Trip to Xiamen, China

Beatty Xiamen (1) From 7 to 12 November 2014, under the guidance of Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow and Coach Kevan Cheah, students from Beatty Secondary School went for a Wushu Overseas Training Trip at Xiamen, China! Xin Qi Martial House Star, Chua Xin Qi, a National Double Silver Medalist, was one of the student participants who went for the trip. Wushu Daze has conducted a short interview with her to find out more about the training experience in Xiamen! Beatty Xiamen (3) Wushu Daze: How was your overall experience in Xiamen? Xin Qi: My experience in Xiamen was awesome! It was much better than Beijing. Oops. Wushu Daze: Why? How is Xiamen different from Beijing and Singapore? Xin Qi: Xiamen is different in terms of the weather. It was much more cooling there. Training wise, it was also different as we did new 组合s (combinations of movements) which was something fresh to us. I enjoyed myself and learnt a lot! The athletes were also much friendlier compared to those in Beijing. This is probably because the kids in Beijing were younger and shy while the athletes in Xiamen were mostly in their 20s, hence they were more outgoing. Wushu Daze: Do you think that the training trip was beneficial? Xin Qi: The training there was definitely beneficial! I have learnt different ways and styles to execute and express certain actions. Beatty Xiamen (2) Wushu Daze: Does this trip inspire or motivate you to work even harder for the upcoming Inter-School Championship in 2015? Xin Qi: Definitely! I am motivated to work even harder! I am grateful for the coaches and athletes for teaching me so many new things which I can showcase in the upcoming competition! I am really looking forward to it! Wushu Daze: That’s great! So what was the most memorable part of the trip? Xin Qi: The most memorable part of the trip is the visit to “Hu Li Shan” (厦门胡里山炮台) where the performers fired the cannon which was so loud and thrilling! It was super exciting to witness the ‘live’ firing of the cannon! This is something I will not get to experience in Singapore! Wushu Daze: So, will you want to go to Xiamen again if you were given the chance to? Xin Qi: Yes! I would definitely like to visit Xiamen again! Personally, I feel that Xiamen is better than Beijing in terms of training and shopping! Beatty Xiamen (4) Really glad to know that Xin Qi enjoyed her Xiamen trip! Hopefully Martial House will conduct another trip to Xiamen in the near future so that more students are able to go and have a fruitful experience! Beatty Xiamen (5)

Martial House’s Chingay Journey Begins!

20141101_111123 On 1 November 2014, Martial House Coaches, led by the contingent’s Assistant Choreographer & Chief Coordinator Wan GuangYao Eric, conducted the first mass practice session for Chingay at Beatty Secondary School! 20141101_111222 Below is a short video summary of what the participants did during their first practice! Really awesome! http://youtu.be/8kHjA3ietKE

Martial House would like to thank all participants for coming and for your active participation!


Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and do look forward to the upcoming practices!

20141101_111740 20141101_111630 For those who wish to join Martial House for Chingay but have yet to register, do send your name, NRIC number and contact number to [email protected] via email. If you have any query, do send them to the given email address too!