The Start of Year-End Holiday Programmes!

Today marks the start of the Martial House Year-End Programmes! The first event on the list is Session A of the Intensive Training Week! Under the guidance of the Martial House coaches, the students started their 5-day training session which seek to improve their foundation and confidence to better-prepare them for the upcoming competitions in 2016. Martial House would like to take this opportunity to thank Sino Wushu Training Centre for sharing and making their venue available.

Martial House Stars @ The Sheng Siong Show

On 28 November 2015, the Martial House Stars made their debut at The Sheng Siong Show! The show was broadcasted “live” on MediaCorp television Channel 8. The Stars were part of the lucky draw segment where they showcased a short yet adorable Monkey Fist routine. The Stars involved were: 1. Seow Wei Kai 2. Desmond Ong 3. Leo Yi Long 4. Tok Ee Chern 5. Tristan Yeo These adorable Stars will continue to make appearance on The Sheng Siong Show in the coming weeks. Do keep a lookout for them!

Congratulations to Chen Shi Taijiquan Association (Singapore)!

IMG_8354 On 22 November 2015, Martial House was invited to attend and perform at Chen Shi Taijiquan Association (Singapore) 30th Anniversary Dinner. IMG_8345.JPG Being the only Wushu performance item for the evening, the Martial House Stars delivered a spectacular performance which garnered rapturous applause from the guests! IMG_8355.JPG The performers from Martial House were: 1. Cheong Neville 2. Cheong Nigel 3. Chua Xin Qi 4. Leo Yi Long 5. Ng Shinn 6. Ng Yu Ninn IMG_8356 Martial House would like to congratulate Chen Shi Taijiquan Association (Singapore) on its 30th anniversary and thank Master Xu for the invitation. FullSizeRender (5).jpg Martial House & Wushu Daze would like to thank to Gina Koh for the photos and video of the performance.

MJC & BSS Wushu Exchange Programme

IMG_8130 On 16 November 2015, an exchange programme was conducted between the Wushu teams of Meridian Junior College (MJC) & Beatty Secondary School (BSS). The programme was led by Martial House coaches, Wan GuangYao Eric, Hu Xiaodan & Jeremy Tan. IMG_8131 With the objective to provide BSS students a first-hand experience of the training intensity in MJC, the coaches conducted a series of interactive, yet tedious training activities for the students. Esther Low, a member of BSS Wushu team, said “It was a fun and great experience to have an exchange programme with MJC. It is our first time training with these seniors. Just by observing their training methods, it motivates me to work even harder during training.” IMG_8132 Melvin Tan, Vice-Captain of MJC Wushu team shared some of his thoughts, “The training was enriching as we got to train with secondary school students who could be the next generation of team mates or competitors in the ‘A’ Division competition. Hope the students from BSS will continue to pursue their passion in Wushu even after graduation!” IMG_8133 Adrian Tan, Captain of MJC Wushu team, also mentioned, “It was really nice to have the BSS students training with us and I hope they enjoyed the session as much as we do! Hope they will come for another session soon!” The Wushu exchange programme was indeed an eye opening and satisfying experience for students from both MJC & BSS. The session would not be possible without the active support and coordination of the teachers-in-charge from both teams. A big thank you to all for making the programme a successful one!

Congratulations to Martial House Star, Ho Lin Ying!

Lin Ying Great news from Indonesia! Martial House Star, Ho Lin Ying for attaining the Bronze medal in the Women’s Compulsory Taijiquan event at the 13th World Wushu Championships! Screenshot 2015-11-16 23.46.04 Congratulations to Lin Ying! You have done Martial House and Singapore proud once again! Click here to watch her spectacular performance. Martial House & Wushu Daze would also like to congratulate Team Singapore athletes, Tan Xiang Tian & Fung Jin Jie for attaining a Gold & Bronze medals in the Men’s Xingyi Quan & Chunqiu Dadao events respectively.

Martial House @ HSBC D&D 2015

On 13 November 2015, the Martial House LED Modern Lion Dance troupe was invited to be part of the opening performance at HSBC’s Dinner & Dance event. Along with the lion dance troupe from Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre and the staff of HSBC Singapore, a spectacular performance was delivered to the 1,800 guests present at the event! It was a coincidence that one of the fellow Martial House seniors, Melvyn Li, was part of the opening performance too! As a staff of HSBC, Melvyn was part of the surprise segment of the opening performance where his showcased some of his Wushu moves! Martial House would like to thank HSBC Singapore for having the modern lion dance troupe to be part of the event and congratulation on the successful D&D!

Martial House @ Tudor’s Christmas Appreciation Night 2015

On 12 November 2015, Martial House was part of Tudor’s Christmas Appreciation Night 2015. As the theme for the event was Chinese Martial Arts, the organisers and the Martial House team have prepared two activities for the evening. Upon arrival, guests were given a set of Kung Fu attire to change. The tee was specially designed and printed with the Chinese character “wu” along with the brand logo to symbolize the fighting spirit and unity as one Tudor family. After changing to their attire, it was time to begin with the first activity for the evening, the Basic Wushu & Self-Defence Workshop conducted by Martial House Instructor Jessen Tan. During the workshop, guests were introduced to fundamentals of the Chinese martial arts and learned a simple Wushu routine. Also, the application of the various movements in the routine was explained and guests had the opportunity to experiment the self-defense techniques with their partners. Before ending the first activity, selected guests who have performed outstandingly well were invited on stage to showcase their movements! During the break, before the start of the second activity which is the brand’s appreciation dinner, a photo booth was set up for the guests to take photos with their friends who came from countries across Southeast Asia. The appreciation dinner officially commenced with a spectacular opening performance by the Martial House Stars! The performers were: 1. Yap Wei Ren 2. Yap Zheng Yan 3. Chua Xin Qi 4. Ng Shinn 5. Ng Yu Ninn 6. Leo Yi Long Martial House would like to the Tudor team for the opportunity to be part of the event. It was indeed a great pleasure to work together! Not forgetting the members from the Martial House team, thank you for the hard work!