Martial House @ Tudor’s Christmas Appreciation Night 2015

On 12 November 2015, Martial House was part of Tudor’s Christmas Appreciation Night 2015. As the theme for the event was Chinese Martial Arts, the organisers and the Martial House team have prepared two activities for the evening. Upon arrival, guests were given a set of Kung Fu attire to change. The tee was specially designed and printed with the Chinese character “wu” along with the brand logo to symbolize the fighting spirit and unity as one Tudor family. After changing to their attire, it was time to begin with the first activity for the evening, the Basic Wushu & Self-Defence Workshop conducted by Martial House Instructor Jessen Tan. During the workshop, guests were introduced to fundamentals of the Chinese martial arts and learned a simple Wushu routine. Also, the application of the various movements in the routine was explained and guests had the opportunity to experiment the self-defense techniques with their partners. Before ending the first activity, selected guests who have performed outstandingly well were invited on stage to showcase their movements! During the break, before the start of the second activity which is the brand’s appreciation dinner, a photo booth was set up for the guests to take photos with their friends who came from countries across Southeast Asia. The appreciation dinner officially commenced with a spectacular opening performance by the Martial House Stars! The performers were: 1. Yap Wei Ren 2. Yap Zheng Yan 3. Chua Xin Qi 4. Ng Shinn 5. Ng Yu Ninn 6. Leo Yi Long Martial House would like to the Tudor team for the opportunity to be part of the event. It was indeed a great pleasure to work together! Not forgetting the members from the Martial House team, thank you for the hard work!

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