Martial House @ NUS Invitational Wushu Championship 2015

FullSizeRender (4) The National University of Singapore (NUS) Invitational Wushu Championship 2015 (otherwise known as the Wushu IVP) was held on 31 October 2015. The competition is an annual event where students from tertiary institutions across Singapore gather to compete in traditional Wushu events. IMG_7866 After a full day of intense competition, Martial House athletes from the various institutions have made outstanding achievements! IMG_7855 Under the guidance of Coach Wan GuangYao Eric, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) has attained a total of 2 Gold, 10 Silver, 3 Bronze & 1 3rd Runner-Up medals! Congratulations to Team NYP! NUS Invitational Wushu Championship 2015 - Nanyang Polytechnic Results This year, Martial House athletes, Yap Wei Ren & Seow Wei Kai formed a two-man contingent to represent Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). The two athletes participated in a total of 3 events and swept all the gold medals. The 3 Gold medals attained resulted in Team SIM winning the Overall 2nd Runner-Up in the competition! NUS Invitational Wushu Championship 2015 - Singapore Institute of Management Results Also, Wei Ren was awarded a score of 8.96 during the Traditional Xiang Xing Quan (Male) event. It was the highest score awarded in this year’s competition! Well done! IMG_7927 Martial House athletes who represented their respective institutions performed well for the competition too! They attained a total of 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze & 3 3rd Runner-Up medals! NUS Invitational Wushu Championship 2015 - Other MH ResultsThe former captain of Meridian Junior College (MJC) Wushu Team, Toh Xiang Hao was also awarded the Male Individual All-Round award! This remarkable achievement meant that Martial House athletes have dominated the award since its introduction in 2012 (Timothy Chan – 2012 & 2013; Yap Zheng Yan – 2014). IMG_7931 To sum it up, the Martial House athletes have clinched a total of 6 Gold, 11 Silver, 4 Bronze & 4 3rd Runner-Up medals in the NUS Invitational Wushu Championship 2015! Congratulations to all athletes! Team MH It was a great pleasure to have many Martial House students, seniors and alumni who spent the time and effort to travel all the way down to NUS to support their juniors, fellow team mates and friends! IMG_7860On behalf of the athletes, Martial House would like to thank all supporters for the help and assistance provided. Hope you guys managed to catch up with long time no see friends too! IMG_7840Once again, congratulations to all athletes for successfully completing the competition! Have a good, well-deserved rest! IMG_7926 31 October is also a special day for Martial House Coach Kevan Cheah as it is his birthday! Martial House & Wushu Daze would like to wish Coach Kevan a blessed birthday! Stay happy & young forever! 1

Martial House @ Jurongville Secondary School

On 22 October 2015, the Martial House team conducted a half-day Wushu programme for the Secondary 1 cohort of Jurongville Secondary School. The programme began with an introductory Wushu presentation to provide students with a basic knowledge of the Chinese martial arts. During the ‘Introduction to Weapons’ segment, students from each class were invited to have some hands-on experience with the various weapons. After the presentation, students were separated into smaller groups to learn a basic Wushu routine from the coaches. The students then performed a massive display of the routine together as one! To better understand and appreciate “wu de”, otherwise known as martial morality, an interactive Q&A session was conducted along with a series of video screening. Before concluding the programme, students shared their thoughts and reflection about Wushu as they completed the questionnaire prepared by the Martial House team. Martial House would like to thank the teachers of Jurongville Secondary School to be part of Mother Tongue programme. It was indeed a great pleasure for the coaches to share their knowledge and experience with the students!

An Exclusive Deal for PSLE Students!

FullSizeRender (3) Congratulations to all Primary 6 students for completing your Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)! To celebrate this joyous occasion, Martial House is giving PSLE students an exclusive discount of 65% for private lessons! Note that this exclusive deal is valid till 20 November 2015. Do send your queries via email to [email protected].

Martial House Year-End Holiday Programmes 2015

FullSizeRender (2) December Holiday is here! Looking for some fun and enriching activities? Join the Martial House Year-End Holiday Programmes! Objectives: a. To provide a fun and interactive environment where Wushu is emphasised. b. To instill lifelong values of sportsmanship and teamwork through group activities. c. To build individual character, confidence and skills through intensive trainings. d. To provide an enriching yet unforgettable December Holiday just for you! 1. Wushu Day Camp – 3 Days A day camp for new practitioners and/or beginners where they will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of Wushu, to better understand and appreciate the cultural art and sport. During the 3 days, besides improving their strength, flexibility and coordination, participants will also learn about martial morality, the guiding principles behind Wushu. To ensure every participant truly benefit from the camp, the intake for each session will be kept small and thus, vacancies are limited. So hurry and sign up now! IMG_0028 Venue Martial House @ Katong (Studio) Date Session A: 1 – 3 December 2015 Session B: 15 – 17 December 2015 Session C: 22 – 24 December 2015 Time 8.30a.m. – 7.00p.m. 2. APEX Camp – 4 Days 4 Nights The first edition of APEX Camp was very well-received by the participants in 2014! Hence, by popular demand, APEX Camp is back for its second edition! With the commitment of helping every individual achieve their fullest potential in life through the Chinese art of Wushu, the Martial House team has prepared a series of fun and innovative activities that will help to inculcate the skills of independence, teamwork, social networking and moral values. These skills are crucial in exceling in the world of Wushu and also, in life! Also, seize the opportunity to interact with some of the prominent Martial House Stars as they share their experiences and success stories! Join the 4 day 4 night APEX Camp for a completely different experience and see yourself transform into an individual who is ready for success in the future! IMG_7495 Date 8 – 11 December 2015 3. Intensive Training Week – 5 Days The Intensive Training Week is specially catered to Wushu athletes who are preparing for competitions at both national and international levels. Besides improving their technical skills, athletes will also be familiar with the newly implemented Wushu judging system during the National Wushu & Sanda Championships 2015. IMG_5169 Venue Depot Heights Shopping Centre 108 Depot Road #03-02 Singapore 100108 Date Session A: 30 November – 4 December 2015 Session B: 14 – 18 December 2015 Time 3.00p.m. – 6.00p.m. For more information about the programmes, feel free to approach the Martial House coaches or send your queries via email to [email protected].

Happy 25th Anniversary to Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre!

IMG_7396 On 10 October 2015, Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations. Martial House was privileged to put up a massive Wushu performance during the dinner event! IMG_7411 The performance item was made up of 2 segments, “The Young Wushu Warriors” & “The Elements”, led by Coach Wang Kai Ting & Coach Kevan Cheah respectively. IMG_7409 The performers were: “The Young Wushu Warriors” a. Austin Chong b. Berlynn Ng c. Douglas Leow d. Ng Yu Ninn e. Koh Hao Xuan “The Elements” a. Damien Teo b. Yap Wei Ren c. Yap Zheng Yan d. Loh Yan Ping e. Chua Xin Qi f. Chua Wen Bin g. Eugene Yeo h. Brandon Lee i. Joel Ng j. Devin Tharunuwan Kaluarachchi IMG_7385 During the rehearsal, Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow shared some interesting stories about Martial House and Pho Leng with the performers. Over the years, Pho Leng has provided numerous performing opportunities (including its annual anniversary gala dinner) to young budding athletes from Martial House to showcase their skills and to boost their confidence on stage. Martial House athletes who have performed for Pho Leng include SEA Games Champion Zoe Mui and World Champions Emily Sin & Ho Lin Ying. IMG_7391During the breaks, it was commendable that the performers displayed professionalism as they took the initiative to review their rehearsal videos to identify rooms for improvement so that they could deliver a quality performance during the actual show. IMG_7404 Also, the performers exhibited a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork as they took pride in performing as well as helped fellow teammates to be fully ready for the show. Well done guys! IMG_7399 Once again, Martial House & Wushu Daze would like to wish Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre a Happy 25th Anniversary and many more successful years to come! Martial House “The Elements” @ Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre’s 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2015:

[Updated] Recent Happenings @ Martial House

FullSizeRender (56) Over the past weeks, while students were busy studying for their examinations, Martial House was actively involved in a series of activities. Let’s take a look at what the Martial House team has been up to! FullSizeRender (57) During Mid-Autumn Festival, Martial House was invited to perform at three different events. As such, under the lead of the Martial House coaches, three groups of performers set off to three different locations to put up an action-packed Wushu performance. Martial House “The Young Wushu Warriors” @ Mid-Autumn Festival Event 2015 The performers were: Group 1 – Led by Coach Wang Kai Ting: a. Zachary Ng b. Austin Chong c. Berlynn Ng d. Douglas Leow e. Joelle Ho FullSizeRender (55) Group 2 – Led by Coach Wan GuangYao Eric: a. Chan Jun Wen b. Koh Yu Shan c. Jeffrey Tan d. Lim En Chang e. Joey Boo f. Lim Wu Cong FullSizeRender (54) Group 3 – Led by Coach Jessen Tan: a. Kingston Chua b. Seow Wei Kai c. Shawn Tan d. Bryan Wong e. Reyes Teh f. Galvin Thor IMG_7366 Besides the Wushu performers, the Martial House Traditional & Modern Lion Dance Troupe was also active during the recent weeks as the troupe was invited to perform in two major events. IMG_7351 Firstly, the opening ceremony of Claymore Connect, a new mall on Claymore Road, linked to Orchard Road via Orchard Hotel. FullSizeRender (58) Secondly, Sembcorp celebration dinner to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sembcorp’s utilities business. Martial House would like to congratulate both Claymore Connect & Sembcorp for achieving their respective milestones! IMG_7368 The Martial House team has also successfully concluded its Wushu seminar sessions and the response from parents and students were positive and encouraging! A big thank you to all who attended the seminar. Hope the seminar has provided you with a better understanding of the Wushu landscape in Singapore! IMG_7369 With the mission to promote Wushu as a cultural art and sport across generations, Martial House has developed a wide range of programmes for students to better appreciate the Chinese martial art. FullSizeRender (1) It was a privilege for Martial House to conduct an introductory workshop at Radin Mas Primary School, Greendale Secondary School and Jurongville Secondary School where students were introduced to Wushu through interactive presentations and hands-on activities. FullSizeRender (59)The students from Teck Ghee Primary School also had a whale of a time with Martial House through the fun and engaging Wushu aerobics programme! The past weeks were definitely fulfilling for Martial House! However, the fun does not end here. There are many more fun and exciting activities prepared by the Martial House team, especially during the year-end holidays! Stay tuned to Wushu Daze to find out more! IMG_7370 If you are interested to engage Martial House for performances and/or to find out more about its workshops and programmes, do send your queries via email to [email protected].

Congratulations to Getai Star Lee Pei Fen!

Congratulations to Getai star, Lee Pei Fen for being one of the top winners at the Getai Awards 2015 by bagging a total of 3 awards! Before the award ceremony, Pei Fen visited Martial House to choreograph and practice for her performance, during which Martial House choreographers, Gordon Choy & Wan GuangYao Eric were there to assist her. Martial House & Wushu Daze would like to congratulate Pei Fen for her outstanding achievements! Do continue to promote the unique Singapore Getai culture to all generations! For those who find Pei Fen a little familiar, she is the star who was featured in the Teochew MV of the Pioneer Generation Package:

All the Best to the Young Martial House Stars!

Earlier this morning, a total of 7 young Martial House Stars participated in the Selection Trials for the Wushu Taolu Centralised Team 2015. They were: 1. Chua Xin Qi 2. Tan Kai Le 3. Berlin Ng Xuan Qi 4. Douglas Leow Kee Teck 5. Austin Chong Sze Ze 6. Justin Poon Jun Jie 7. Brandon Wong Jyn Kid And, behind the young athletes were a group of enthusiastic and supportive parents! The athletes have gave their best during the trials and the results will be released in the coming days. As such, let’s wish the athletes the best of luck! Martial House & Wushu Daze would like to give a special shout out to Martial House Star, Tay Yu Xuan who was present throughout the selection trials to support his fellow team mates despite the fact that he has an examination tomorrow! All the best for your paper!