[Updated] Update on Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit for Martial House Athletes

IMG_3046 Information and details about the competition for the upcoming Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit are now available. You may access them by clicking the link below. 1. Participants’ List 2. Competition Events Line-Up 3. Competitor List For more information, click here to visit the Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit website. Martial House athletes who are participating in this competition are encouraged to check that your names are included and spelled correctly in both the Participants’ List and Competitor List. Also, take note of the day(s) and time(s) of the event(s) you are competing in. The competition is held on 1 & 2 August 2015, Saturday & Sunday. If you have any queries, do approach any of the Martial House coaches or you may drop an email to [email protected].

Damien Teo on “My Secret App”

d Have you watched the drama “My Secret App” which features Martial House Star, Damien Teo? This drama has put Damien’s acting skills to the test as he had to act with his imaginary friend “App App” which does not exist on set during filming, i.e. Damien has to literally talk to the “air”! Watch the drama to witness Damien’s superb acting skills! “My Secret App” is currently broadcast every Tuesday on E City, Starhub TV Channel 825/111 at 9.00pm. Otherwise, you may catch the drama via YouTube by clicking the link below. https://youtube.com/watch?v=5Wxuby6S8Ok&list=PLkFpRcJNVzUq8KZKhpHbx_U5pOQKXogEO

Sneak Preview of the National Day Parade 2015!

ndp2 Under the guidance of Martial House Choreographers, Wan GuangYao Eric and Gordon Choy, a team of Martial House youth leaders have been working hard to prepare the Ministry of Education (MOE) contingent of more than 600 primary school students for the upcoming National Day Parade (NDP) 2015! ndp7 The Martial House youth leaders are part of the Creative Team which is responsible for the design and choreography of movements, as well as coordinating and training of students for the final act. ndp5 It is definitely challenging for the youth leaders to prepare these students for the such a massive performance. Besides the constant encouragement and support the youth leaders gave one another, the smiles on the faces of the students also provided leaders with an extra motivation to stay hyper and enthusiastic throughout the long hours of rehearsals! ndp3 During the act, students are required to perform their dance choreography, change the colours of the LED lights on their costumes and display various formations according to the rhythm and tempo of the music! ndp1 To deliver a spectacular performance, rehearsals are inevitable. A big thank you to all the various parties for making each rehearsal possible! With one month to the actual NDP 2015, hope Singaporeans are looking forward to the MOE contingent performance prepared by Martial House! ndp4