Damien Teo on “My Secret App”

d Have you watched the drama “My Secret App” which features Martial House Star, Damien Teo? This drama has put Damien’s acting skills to the test as he had to act with his imaginary friend “App App” which does not exist on set during filming, i.e. Damien has to literally talk to the “air”! Watch the drama to witness Damien’s superb acting skills! “My Secret App” is currently broadcast every Tuesday on E City, Starhub TV Channel 825/111 at 9.00pm. Otherwise, you may catch the drama via YouTube by clicking the link below. https://youtube.com/watch?v=5Wxuby6S8Ok&list=PLkFpRcJNVzUq8KZKhpHbx_U5pOQKXogEO

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