Session 1 of the Wushu Seminar

IMG_6769 On 24 September 2015, Martial House successfully conducted its first session of Wushu seminar. It was a full house event with more than 50 participants, including Martial House students, parents, members of the public as well as Team Singapore athlete & SEA Games Gold Medallist Adalia Jesse Colin! IMG_6815 After Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow gave his opening address, key speaker, Martial House Coach, Mr. Wan GuangYao Eric started the seminar by providing an overview of the local Wushu landscape. Following, he went through the fundamentals of the new Wushu judging system and eventually shared the roles parents could play to support their youth athletes. 9cd413140110650ce2f1831d64c55651 Let’s now take a look at what some of the participants have to say after attending the seminar:

“This intention of the seminar is good.”

“Now I understand how the new judging system works.”

“This seminar provided me with the knowledge required to better support my child in Wushu.” 

“The most valuable part was the experience sharing.”

“I attended today’s session alone and I am going to get my son to attend the next! Hope he will be inspired!”

IMG_6816 Martial House would like to thank all participants for attending the seminar despite of the haze. Hope you find the seminar beneficial. Session 2 of the Wushu seminar will be conducted on 26 September 2015, Saturday, at Martial House @ Katong (Studio) from 4.30pm to 6.00pm. Interested parties, kindly send an email to [email protected] to purchase your tickets. P.S. There are only a few more tickets left.

Tickets for Session 1 of Wushu Seminar Sold Out!

  Due to the overwhelming response, tickets for session 1 of the Wushu Seminar on 24 September 2015, Thursday, 2:30pm, are sold out! There are only tickets left for session 2 on 26 September 2015, Saturday, 4:30pm which are selling fast!  Interested students and/or parents, do approach any of the Martial House coaches or send an email to [email protected] to purchase the tickets!

Mass Tai Chi Session @ Marina Barrage

On 18 September 2015, the team of Martial House instructors conducted a mass Tai Chi session at Marina Barrage for 450 foreign delegates. The delegates came from 12 different countries, including Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico and Spain. The objective of the event was to provide delegates with first-hand experience with Tai Chi to better understand and appreciate this form of Chinese martial arts. With Instructor Jessen Tan leading the team, the Martial House instructors showcased a simple Tai Chi routine. Delegates were then split into smaller groups to learn the basics of Tai Chi from the instructors. After which, instructors and participants gathered to execute the routine together. It was indeed a magnificent sight! Instructors and participants then interacted to take photos together with the beautiful landscape of Singapore! Hopefully, the session provided an engaging and enjoyable experience for all! It was a great pleasure for Martial House to conduct such a massive event for the foreign delegates. Martial House would like to thank all instructors for making the event a successful one! Below is a video tribute to all instructors:

Martial House Wushu Seminar

Very often, coaches receive queries from students and their parents about Wushu. Some are unaware about the differences between traditional and contemporary Wushu, while others are unsure about the progression in Wushu. Also, with the implementation of the new judging system in Singapore, many do not fully understand its mechanism. As such, Martial House will be conducting a Wushu seminar at Martial House @ Katong (Studio) on 24 & 26 September 2015. The following topics will be covered during the seminar: 1. Overview of the Wushu Landscape in Singapore 2. New Wushu Judging System 3. Parents’ Support in Wushu The ticket for the seminar is priced at $10.00 (Adult) and $5.00 (Child). There are limited seats for each session and tickets are selling fast! Interested students and/or parents may approach any of the Martial House coaches or send an email to [email protected] to purchase the tickets!

Lookout for Berlynn!

IMG_6553 What is that little girl doing in the middle of a field? It seems like she is showcasing some of her Wushu movements… IMG_6552 There is a professional crew filming her too. Wait, the little girl looks familiar… She is none other than the young Martial House Star, Berlynn Ng Xuan Qi! IMG_6551 Berlynn, accompanied by Martial House Coach Wang Kai Ting, was filming for an advertisement earlier today. The advertisement is expected to release on end-October. So, do keep a lookout for the end product on television!

Martial House Creative Team Appreciation Lunch

IMG_6545 Earlier today, the Martial House Creative Team for National Day Parade (NDP) 2015 gathered once again for an appreciation lunch at Tiong Bahru’s Le Le Pot! A big thank you to Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow for the treat! 12002206_10153663670691457_2455525319012676573_n Besides the sumptuous steamboat buffet, certificates were also presented to each member of the Creative Team in recognition of their time, effort and contributions. A special gift was also prepared by Martial House Choreographer Wan GuangYao Eric & Chen Jiayi for each of the members! IMG_6546 The NDP 2015 journey was a tiring yet satisfying one for Martial House. Once again, a big thank you to the various parties who have contributed to the success of NDP 2015 and hopefully, Martial House will continue to be part of many more fun and exciting performances and events!

Martial House @ Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit

IMG_5916 On 1 & 2 August 2015, a total of 84 Martial House athletes participated in the Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit. These athletes represented 4 contingents, namely: 1. Martial House 2. Victoria School 3. Pei Hwa Secondary School 4. Meridian Junior College IMG_5905 The Martial House contingent was represented by 66 athletes, making it the largest participating contingent in the entire competition! IMG_5932 During the 2-day event, athletes faced intense competition from both local and international contingents. After numerous hard fought battles in the various events, the Martial House athletes attained a total of 36 Gold, 16 SIlver & 13 Bronze medals! 1. Martial House Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit - Martial House Results 2. Victoria School Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit - Victoria School Results 3. Pei Hwa Secondary School Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit - Pei Hwa Secondary School Results 4. Meridian Junior College Wushu TrailBlazer 2015, Xin Xiu ELITE Summit - Meridian Junior College Results Congratulations to all prize winners! To those who did not win, do not be discouraged. Continue to work hard as your time to shine will come eventually. Hope this competition provided a great learning experience to all participants! IMG_5887 Wushu competition is not just about winning. It provides a platform for students to understand and appreciate the various forms of Wushu, both traditional and contemporary. It also provides the opportunity for students to interact and learn from one another! IMG_5918 Wushu competition also helps to train one’s determination and perserverance. When they enrolled their children for Wushu classes with Martial House, Mdm. Gina Koh and her husband also enrolled themselves for adult Taiji classes. As a beginner, Mdm. Koh faced challenges during the early learning phase as she was unfamiliar with the movements of Taiji. However, she was determined to improve. Besides her regular weekly classes, Mdm. Koh would also practise her movements while waiting for her children’s Wushu class to end. Slowly but gradually, Mdm. Koh overcame those challenges and became comfortable executing the varying Taiji movements. She continued to boost her confidence and eventually, she decided to participate in her first competition where she attained two Gold medals! Well done Mdm. Koh! IMG_5912Martial House & Wushu Daze would like to congratulate and thank Sino Wushu for organising such a successful event! And to all Martial House athletes, continue to work hard and train hard, to conquer bigger stage and competition!