7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn Wushu

By: Kingston & Timothy

1. Strengthen Body

Wushu provides a full-body workout which helps to improve your child’s overall fitness. The gradual process of stretching enhances your child’s flexibility while the physical exercises allow your child to gain more strength and better stamina.

2. Improve Coordination

Wushu involves a wide range of body movements which require the head, hands and legs to coordinate at the same time. Training for such complex movements improves your child’s coordination ability, which can be applied to other sports and activities.

3. Learn Self-Defence

Derived from the traditional Chinese martial arts, Wushu is a system of defence and attack. Regardless of the style or form, there is a purpose behind the movements which your child can apply and use for self-defence.

4. Develop Character

Wushu is not all about actions but it also advocates martial morality. Values such as respect, patience, perseverance, humility and integrity are emphasised during trainings to develop your child’s character which are applicable to everyday life.

5. Enhance Confidence

As a beginner, Wushu may seem difficult. With constant practice, it builds your child’s physical ability and mental strength to overcome challenges. This enhances your child’s confidence in knowing that anything can be achieved with determination and perseverance.

6. Appreciate the Chinese Culture

Wushu is more than just a sport. It is regarded as a representative of the Chinese culture. Your child will not only appreciate the different Wushu styles as a form of art, but also understand how the traditional heritage has influenced the lives of people across generations.

7. Build Relationships

Being a widely practiced sport, your child will not only get to interact with students from around the country but also foster relationships with fellow Wushu practitioners and enthusiasts across the world from all walks of life!

Want to let your child learn Wushu?

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Martial House on Episode 4 of Channel 8’s “Little Achievers”!

Martial House was privileged to be part of Channel 8’s variety show, “Little Achievers”! Watch the episode from Toggle where TV host Ben Yeo and Coach Reanne shared how Wushu can help improve a child’s concentration and confidence.

We were glad to have De Zheng with us and hope he found the session beneficial and enjoyable! Martial House would like to thank the production team for having us and it was indeed a great pleasure working together!

Happy 28th Anniversary to Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre!

On 7 January 2018, our long-time partner, Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre celebrated its 28th anniversary and Martial House was honoured to be invited to attend and perform at the dinner event!

A team of 20 performers, including the champions of the 1st Wushu Stars Battle 2017 “Kungfu Revolution”, delivered a spectacular performance which received the warm applause of the guests present! A big thank you to the performers for the excellent performance and for doing Martial House proud!

  1. Martin Tay
  2. Ng Teck Hong
  3. Jeffrey Tan
  4. Teo Chia Chuan
  5. Xena Kan
  6. Nicklaus Ong
  7. Leo Yi Long
  8. Joel Ng
  9. Ng Shinn
  10. Chua Xin Qi
  11. Chua Wen Bin
  12. Esther Low
  13. Anya Sim
  14. Ethan Ng
  15. Chia Kai Ming
  16. Tan E-Dan
  17. Melissa Mak
  18. Shannon Eu
  19. Vanessa Cheong
  20. Ho Lin Ying

P.S. If you would like to engage Martial House for performances, kindly send your queries via email to [email protected] so that our coordinator can get back to you.

Once again, congratulations to Mr. Edwin Tan and Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre! Looking forward to many more years of partnership to promote the Chinese culture and tradition together!

Martial House Blog is Back!

Welcome back to Martial House’s blog! After a year of hiatus, we are proud to announce the launch of our newly revamped website! New features have been added into our website including:

1. News & Information Section at Home Page

Besides our Facebook page, you may now get the latest announcements about our academy, classes, holiday programmes and events at this section of our website!

2. Newsletter Subscription

Don’t want to miss any updates by Martial House? Subscribe to our newsletter now! Exclusive promotions and invitations will be sent to our subscribers too!

3. Members Tab

Under the “Members” tab, Martial House Card members may now:
a. Log in to their Member Connect account.
b. Get the updated list of benefits by our partners. 
c. Submit their Package Hold Request.
d. Download the Martial House Student Handbook. 

4. Online Credit Card Payment for Course Package Applications/Renewals 

For greater convenience of our students and parents, the option to apply or renew course packages online is now available! Simply click the course you would like to register and make payment online!

Martial House is constantly seeking improvements and we thank you for your kind understanding and continuous support. Do follow us on Facebook & Instagram and keep a look out for latest blog posts here!