Happy 60th Birthday to Master Leo!

Some of you may be curious about why there is recent commotion about the past of Martial House and Dewu Pugilistic Association. You start to see old photos and videos appearing on Facebook and even here on Wushu Daze! But why? http://youtube.com/watch?v=0grc4wD47OI&feature=youtu.be It is because students from Martial House was preparing a surprise video for Master Leo Kee Ann! Master Leo A big thank you to all who have took the time and effort to self-record your birthday wishes for Master Leo! As you can see, Master Leo was so happy when he was watching the video, especially when his older students appeared! Master Leo (1)As there were late submissions, some videos were not included in the compilation but fret not, you can still view them here. Rest assured that Master Leo has watched each and every single video posted! Lastly, on behalf of Martial House, I would like to thank all coaches, parents and students who came for his birthday celebration! Master Leo Birthday P.S. 29 April 2014 is the actual day of Master Leo’s Birthday.  

The Legends in 2008

http://youtube.com/watch?v=msiA6Vu3VPk After 6 long years, this group event competition is still widely remembered by many in the local Wushu scene, where the 6 warriors, Teo Shun Long, Wan Guang Yao, Tan Yi Liang, Lim Hao Jie, Lim Choon Kiat and Lim Eng Kiat competed in the National Wushu Championships 2008. In the Group Quanshu event, even though the team managed to impressed the judges with their choreography and synchronization, it was disappointing as Yi Liang made a major mistake in the routine. http://youtube.com/watch?v=2yPUEjkEF5o However, the team managed to impress the judges once again during their Group Weapon event, this time with a flawless routine, which won them the gold medal for the event! National Wushu Competition 2008 (38) Also, Shun Long created history for achieving a record of 5 gold medals during the national competition! Shun Long In addition, Dewu Pugilistic Association was the Overall Champion in the Open Category for the National Wushu Championships 2008! National Wushu Competition 2008 (50) The video below is a compilation of some of the classic moments captured during the competition, done by Sim Hong Wee! http://youtube.com/watch?v=1ldGn-U8lEw I would end this post with a quote from Yi Liang: “You pick yourself up from where you fall. 从哪里跌倒就从哪里爬起来.” Yi Liang @ CNY Celebration 2007

A Big Congratulation to Xu Bin!

Star Awards 2014 (1) Last night was a night of glamour as it was… Star Awards 20! Students from Martial House were given the honour of watching the show “live”! Star Awards 2014 The Suntec Convention Centre was filled with much intensity each time an award winner is announced. Martial House students were extremely thrilled when Xu Bin won the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award! Xu Bin was also the winner of London Biscuits Happiness Award! Xu Bin (1) Congratulations to Xu Bin and a big thank you to those who have voted to make his win possible!

The Reason Why Sparring Events were Removed?

Click here to watch video. The video features one of the many epic moments these two ladies had during their sparring practices in 2011! This is probably why sparring events are removed from inter-school competitions!


Anyway, do you remember these two Martial House Wushu Stars? They are Lee Yeh Ching and Jasmine Tan! Yeh Ching Most seniors would remember Yeh Ching as a bubbly and clumsy (as you can see from the video) girl. However, her determination and perseverance are two outstanding qualities that created such a lasting impression until today. Yeh Ching is currently pursuing a degree in Life Science in the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is a member of the NUS Dragonboat Team! Jasmine One of the highlights of Jasmine’s Wushu career would be the achievement of triple gold medals in her last National Inter-School Championships in 2010! Jasmine has just graduated from Republic Polytechnic (RP) and she has been actively involved in Cheerleading with RP Rexaz Cheerleaders!

[Contest] Star Awards 20 Show 2 Tickets for Grabs!

Star Awards 20 Logo Martial House will be giving away tickets for the upcoming Star Awards 20 Show 2! In less than 50 words, tell us why you want to watch this year’s Star Awards 20 “live”. All entries are to be posted under the comments section of the “Star Awards 20 Show 2 Tickets for Grabs!” post at Wushu Stars by Martial House Facebook Page! Outstanding entries will be awarded with 2 tickets each to the Star Awards 20 Show 2!

Xu Bin

Also, do not forget to vote for Xu Bin for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award category!