Martial House Kiddos in Action @ Delta Avenue RC!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/586/62455302/files/2014/12/img_0214-1.jpg On 27 December 2014, six of our Martial House kiddos displayed some of their kung fu moves at Delta Avenue RC Year End Block Party 2014! Our young performers include: 1. Tan Kaile 2. Lee Yan Jie, Javis 3. Leo Zhi Xuan 4. Leo Yi Long 5. Joel Ng 6. Ong Chin Loong Benjamin /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/586/62455302/files/2014/12/img_0209.jpg The event was hosted by Dr. Lily Neo, Adviser to Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots Organisations. This performance was particularly significant to Joel & Benjamin as it was their first time involved in a public performance! Well done! /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/586/62455302/files/2014/12/img_0227.jpg After their performance, our performers were honoured to take a group photo with Dr. Neo to conclude the night!

Martial House APEX Camp 2014

IMG_6642 From 16 to 19 December 2014, Martial House conducted its first ever APEX Camp! With the objective of inculcating independence, teamwork, social networking skills and moral values in students, the team of coaches from Martial House has planned a series of action-packed and fun-filled activities for the young student campers throughout the 4 days! IMG_6937 Four outstanding Martial House students – Seow Wei Kai, Tan Kairui, Cheong Neville and Loh Yan Ping, were shortlisted to be student leaders for the camp. It was a test of their leadership and communication skills as the student leaders had to lead the young campers throughout the entire camp! It was definitely a challenging task for the leaders as most the campers were hyperactive and playful! IMG_7358 Even though it was tough and tiring, the leaders felt that the camp experience was a fruitful and memorable one! On behalf of Martial House, I would like to thank the student leaders for all their hard work, commitment and dedication! IMG_7462 One of the camp highlights was the rock climbing and high elements challenge, whereby the campers had to overcome their fear of heights while completing the various obstacles. It was heartwarming and encouraging to see fellow campers cheering each other on when the campers were attempting to overcome each obstacle. IMG_7143 During the rock climbing challenge, Ryane Lim was the only one who managed to reach the top of the 25m sport climbing wall – the tallest free-standing wall in Southeast Asia! None of the other campers, student leaders, or even the coaches managed to complete the climb. What’s even more impressive is that Ryane successfully reached the top not only once, but twice! IMG_7229 IMG_7080 Besides the regular training and outdoor activities, theory lessons were conducted for campers to better understand and appreciate the cultural values of the traditional Chinese martial art. IMG_6838 IMG_6852 On 19 December 2014, during the last night of the camp, family and friends were invited to watch a series of performances, specially prepared by the campers. The performances were filled with so much creativity and humour that the audiences kept laughing and smiling throughout the night! IMG_7393 IMG_7413Each camper was presented with a Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the 4-day APEX Camp. Outstanding campers were also awarded with Certificates of Excellence. IMG_7472 In no particular order of merit, the awardees for the Certificate of Excellence – Outstanding Camper Award are: 1. Wong Yin Hoi Zachary 2. Ryane Lim Yi Ren 3. Lee Fong Khin Jonas 4. Chia Kai Ming IMG_7477 Team Dynamite was also awarded the Certificate of Excellence – Outstanding Team Award. The members include: a. Seow Wei Kai b. Shaun Teo c. Lam Jun Long Javis d. Lam Zhi Yu Mavise e. Lee Fong Khin Jonas Congratulations to all award winners! With this, Martial House APEX Camp 2014 has officially came to an end. IMG_7495 On behalf of Martial House, I would like to thank the campers and parents for attending the camp and for giving their never-ending support. To the coaches, student leaders and helpers, Martial House Apex Camp 2014 would not have happen without you. Thank you. Below is a video montage of the camp. Hopefully, it will help retain some of the many memorable moments we have shared throughout the 4 days. Do look forward to a much more exciting APEX Camp in 2015!

1st Anniversary of Martial House @ Katong!

1526746_10151878715633230_1489527570_n Merry Christmas! 25 December is a date when many would celebrate Christmas! However, to Martial House, there is another significance. It is the 1st anniversary of our studio, Martial House @ Katong! 1507862_10152814408864383_6185655714739842688_n To commemorate this special day, Martial House has launched the long awaited Star Card! Besides the usual Star Card benefits listed below, Martial House has included new additional benefits! Usual Benefits* 1. 20% Discount for Martial House Term Package(s) 2. 20% Discount for Weapons at Yi Fong Sport Equipment 3. $5 Discount for Belt Grading Examination by Dewu Pugilistic Association 4. Exclusive Invitation to Martial House Events New Additional Benefits* a. Exclusive Discount at Craft Hair Studio Craft Hair Studio Craft Hair Studio is located at 1 Brooke Road, Singapore 429979, opposite Martial House @ Katong. Simply flash your Martial House Star Card to enjoy exclusive discount! b. Exclusive Discount at Hour Boutique Hour Boutique Hour Boutique is located at 3 Coleman Street, Peninsula Shopping Centre, #01-31, Singapore 179804. Click here to visit Hour Boutique’s website. Simply flash your Martial House Star Card to enjoy additional 10% discount for Seiko, Deep Blue & Michel Herbelin watches and/or additional 5% discount for Casio G-Shock watches. * Terms and conditions apply. Merchants reserve the right to vary, amend or withdraw any of the discount(s), terms and conditions without prior notice. Note: For Star Card members who sign up before 1 April 2014, a Star Card will be issued upon renewal. For Star Card members who sign up or renew on 1 April 2014 or later, a Star Card will be issued to you. If you have yet to receive your Star Card, kindly send an email of notice to [email protected].

The Last Show of Monkey Goes West

1419498400665 After months of hard work, it was finally the last show for Monkey Goes West on 13 December 2014. Martial House would like to congratulate Wild Rice for concluding the musical successfully! Also, Martial House would like to thank Wild Rice for the opportunity to be involved in such a massive production! 1419500180475 Working with Wild Rice was definitely enjoyable and fun as you can see in the photo below whereby Wild Rice Founding Artistic Director, Mr. Ivan Heng is striking a comical pose with our Martial House Coaches! 20141129_142810 Budding television star, Damien Teo and Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow, also went to Victoria Theatre to support the Martial House Stars & the casts of Monkey Goes West and they were greatly impressed by the musical! 1896807_10152574429648230_403288147933942278_n (1) The staff and students of Martial House are definitely looking forward to work with Wild Rice again! Martial House would also like to thank the coaches and parents for their never-ending support despite the hectic rehearsal and show schedules. 20141129_141221 Not forgetting, today is Christmas. Thus, Martial House & Wushu Daze would like to wish all readers a blessed Christmas and may your wishes come true!

17th ASEAN University Games

15384271283_50b28c1106_o Three local undergraduates represented Singapore in the recent 17th ASEAN University Games held at Palembang, Indonesia. The athletes have done Singapore proud by attaining a total of 3 medals – 1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze! Martial House Star, Emily Sin Min Li (from National University of Singapore) has attained the Silver medal in the Women’s Nanquan event. Her teammate, Lee Tze Yuan (also from National University of Singapore) has attained the Gold medal in the Men’s Taijiquan event. Lastly, Low Jia Jia Gladys (from Nanyang Technological University) has attained the Bronze medal in the Women’s Taijiquan event. Congratulations to all three athletes for doing Singapore proud!

[Updated] Day 3 – Wushu @ 6th ASEAN Schools Games

6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 4 Today marks the third and final day of Wushu competition at the 6th ASEAN Schools Games. After 3 days of intense competition, Singapore has attained 1 Gold & 1 Bronze medals! 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 6 The gold medal was attained by Lee Chyi Fang from Hwa Chong Institution, while the Bronze medal was attained by Benedict Khoo from Meridian Junior College! Well done! 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu Day 5 P.S. The medals are awarded based on the athletes’ total combined scores for 2 events and not based on scores of individual events as mentioned is the previous 2 posts. Corrections have been made and Wushu Daze would like to apologise for the confusion caused. 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 7 Wushu Daze would like to thank Martial House Coach, Wang Kai Ting, for providing us with the latest updates and photos of the competition. Also, congratulations to Coach Kai Ting for completing her duties as the judge of the 6th ASEAN Schools Games! 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 8 Catch Lee Chyi Fang’s exclusive interview by the Ministry of Education (MOE) below. Once again, congratulations to all athletes for completing the competition and let’s wish Martial House Star, Emily Sin and her team mates, Lee Tze Yuan and Low Jia Jia Gladys all the best for the ASEAN University Games which will commence next week! AUG

[Updated] Day 2 – Wushu @ 6th ASEAN Schools Games

6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 2 It is Day 2 of Wushu at the 6th ASEAN Schools Games and Singapore has attained another 1st placing! The 1st placing was attained by Lee Chyi Fang in the Women’s Group A Jianshu/Daoshu event. Congratulations! Below are some of the results of our Singaporean athletes who competed in today’s event: Women’s Group B Jianshu/Daoshu Ong Li Cheng – 6th Natalie Ong – 10th Women’s Group A Jianshu/Daoshu Lee Chyi Fang – 1st Jonit Kiong – 4th Men’s Group B Nangun Colin Teo – 5th Men’s Group A Nangun Sean Ng – 6th

[Updated] Day 1 – Wushu @ 6th ASEAN Schools Games

6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu The 6th ASEAN Schools Games (ASG) is held in Manila, Philippines, from 29 November to 7 December 2014. This edition of ASG included the sport, Wushu, for the very first time! Under the guidance of Coach He Changjiang & Assistant Coach Wang Kai Ting, 12 outstanding local Wushu athletes will be representing the Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) to compete in 3 days worth of Wushu events. These athletes are: 1. Lee Chyi Fang – Hwa Chong Institution 2. Phua Jia Yi – Victoria Junior College 3. Jonit Kiong Zhi Yan – Victoria Junior College 4. Natalie Ong – Nanyang Girl’s High School 5. Gan Huixin Keziah – Nanyang Girl’s High School 6. Ong Li Cheng – Temasek Junior College 7. Sean Ng – Meridian Junior College 8. Sim Ren Zoe – Victoria Junior College 9. Benedict Khoo Kim Hoe – Meridian Junior College 10. Lim Chee Siong, Shawn – Chung Cheng High School (Main) 11. Lee Chang Ming Jon – Chung Cheng High School (Main) 12. Colin Teo Kai Xuan – Anglican High School Besides being the Assistant Coach of the team, Martial House Coach Wang Kai Ting is also the Singapore’s representative to be one of the judges for the competition. Today is the first day of the Wushu competition and our athletes have done Singapore proud by attaining one 1st placing & two 3rd placings! 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu Day 1 In the Women’s Group A Changquan event, Jonit Kiong and Lee Chyi Fang attained the 1st and 3rd placing respectively, and in the Men’s Group A Taijiquan event, Benedict Khoo, from Meridian Junior College, achieved a 3rd placing! 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 3 Both Sean Ng and and Colin Teo were very close to the top three placing as they were ranked 4th in the Men’s Group A and Group B Nanquan events respectively. Below are some of the results of our Singaporean athletes who competed in today’s Wushu events: Women’s Group B Changquan Ong Li Cheng – 6th Natalie Ong – 10th Men’s Group B Nanquan Colin Teo – 4th Women’s Group A Changquan Jonit Kiong – 1st Lee Chyi Fang – 3rd Men’s Group A Nanquan Sean Ng – 4th With 2 more days of competition, let’s wish our athletes all the best!