[Updated] Day 3 – Wushu @ 6th ASEAN Schools Games

6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 4 Today marks the third and final day of Wushu competition at the 6th ASEAN Schools Games. After 3 days of intense competition, Singapore has attained 1 Gold & 1 Bronze medals! 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 6 The gold medal was attained by Lee Chyi Fang from Hwa Chong Institution, while the Bronze medal was attained by Benedict Khoo from Meridian Junior College! Well done! 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu Day 5 P.S. The medals are awarded based on the athletes’ total combined scores for 2 events and not based on scores of individual events as mentioned is the previous 2 posts. Corrections have been made and Wushu Daze would like to apologise for the confusion caused. 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 7 Wushu Daze would like to thank Martial House Coach, Wang Kai Ting, for providing us with the latest updates and photos of the competition. Also, congratulations to Coach Kai Ting for completing her duties as the judge of the 6th ASEAN Schools Games! 6th ASEAN Schools Games - Wushu 8 Catch Lee Chyi Fang’s exclusive interview by the Ministry of Education (MOE) below. https://youtube.com/watch?v=eYhSG80pRyI Once again, congratulations to all athletes for completing the competition and let’s wish Martial House Star, Emily Sin and her team mates, Lee Tze Yuan and Low Jia Jia Gladys all the best for the ASEAN University Games which will commence next week! AUG

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