Martial House Year-End Holiday Programmes 2016

img_9412 The year-end holiday is just around the corner! Looking for some fun and enriching activities? We have prepared a wide range of activities just for you! 1. PSLE Exclusive One-To-One Training Promotion img_1249 An exclusive promotion for primary 6 students who have just completed their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) to enjoy 30% discount for our private lessons! Simply quote “PSLE” to enjoy this exclusive discount! Contact us for more information! Valid till 30 November 2016. Terms & conditions apply. 2. Wushu Crash Course  img_9106 A 3-day course for participants, aged 4 to 12, to learn about and have hands-on experience with Wushu! Besides the basic stances and forms, participants will also learn about martial morality and utilise weapons of the Chinese martial arts. Venue MHQ, 115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-02 Singapore 409839 Date 7 – 9 December 2016 Time Session A (for aged 4 to 6): 10:00am – 12:00pm Session B (for aged 7 to 12): 2:00pm – 4:00pm Price Star Card Member: $72.00 Non-Star Card Member: $80.00 3. Wushu Intensive Training (for Competitive Athletes) img_0652 The Wushu Intensive Training is specially catered to Wushu athletes who are preparing for competitions at both national and international levels to improve their technical knowledge and skills. Venue MHQ, 115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-02 Singapore 409839 Changquan (A) Coaches: Wang Kai Ting & Hu Xiaodan Dates: 12, 14, 16, 20 & 22 December 2016 AM Session: 9:00am – 12:00pm PM Session: 1:00pm – 4:00pm Changquan (B) Coaches: Reanne Leo (Rui Yan) & Eric Wan (GuangYao) Dates: 13, 15, 19, 21 & 23 December 2016 AM Session: 9:00am – 12:00pm PM Session: 1:00pm – 4:00pm Nanquan Coaches: Kevan Cheah & Jessen Tan Dates: 12, 14, 16, 20 & 22 December 2016 AM Session: 9:00am – 12:00pm PM Session: 1:00pm – 4:00pm Taijiquan Coaches: Leo Kee Ann (Shifu) & Leo Rui Ling Dates: 13, 15, 19, 21 & 23 December 2016 AM Session: 9:00am – 12:00pm PM Session: 1:00pm – 4:00pm Price Star Card Member: $360.00 (AM & PM sessions) / $198.00 (AM or PM session) / $40.50 (per class) Non-Star Card Member: $400.00 (AM & PM sessions) / $220.00 (AM or PM session) / $45.00 (per class) 4. Wushu Intensive Foundation Training  Beatty Xiamen (2) A 3-day training programme to help students improve their basics and foundation, including flexibility, coordination and strength. This will aid in their learning progress and development in Wushu. Venue MHQ, 115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-02 Singapore 409839 Date 27 – 29 December 2016 Time AM Session: 10:00am – 12:00pm PM Session: 2:00pm – 4:00pm Price Star Card Member: $144.00 (AM & PM sessions) / $79.20 (AM or PM session) / $27.00 (per class) Non-Star Card Member: $160.00 (AM & PM sessions) / $88.00 (AM or PM session) / $30.00 (per class) If you have any queries about our holiday programmes, feel free to contact Timothy via email at [email protected].

Martial House Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2016

img_9698 It was indeed a fun and enjoyable night at MHQ on 12 September 2016 as the Martial House family celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival together! img_9717 This year, we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with our very own in-house carnival where festival goers were required to play games at the various booths to accumulate points to exchange for prizes! img_9753 Martial House would like to specially thank Coach Yannie & Coach Wei Kai for designing the games at the booths which brought so much joy to everyone! img_9939 Besides the carnival, we were privileged to have with us the Face Changing and Diabolo performers who delivered a series of spectacular performances which further hyped up the atmosphere! img_9782 Also, Martial House would like to thank Auntie Catherine, mother of Tay Yu Xuan, for the beautiful balloon sculptures! img_3638 With the successful conclusion of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, do look forward to our upcoming events for more fun and excitement! img_9573

A Spectacular Wushu Stars Contest 2016!

img_9399 On 11 September 2016, Martial House & Chinatown Point jointly organised the first-ever Wushu Stars Contest! The contest aims to provide young participants with a platform to perform on stage and showcase their talents and creativity in Wushu. It was an honour to have award-winning Getai celebrity Lee Pei Fen with us as the emcee for the contest. img_8206 Also, we were privileged to have 3 distinguished guests as judges for the contest. They were: Former National Youth Team Athlete & 2-time Star Awards Young Talent Award Winner: Damien Teo  Former Team Singapore Wushu athlete & Renowned Artistic Choreographer: Gordon Choy Former Team Singapore Wushu athlete & National Wushu Judge: Leo Rui Yan img_8221 There were 2 categories for the contest. Group A for those aged 8 years and below as well as Group B for those aged 12 and below. img_8960 Participants wore their own distinct outfit, ranging from cartoon characters to superheroes, to showcase their self-choreographed routines, making each performance item unique and fun! Congratulations to the following participants for emerging as winners for the contest: Group A, aged 8 years and below Champion: Trophy + Samsung Galaxy Tab A A10 – Kenchi Neo img_9329 1st Runner-Up: Trophy + $200 UNIQLO Gift Card A11 – Sylvan Ong img_9324 2nd Runner-Up: Trophy + $100 UNIQLO Gift Card A7 – Xavier Wong img_9320 Merit Award: Medal + $20 UNIQLO Gift Card each A3 – Shayne Ong img_9294 A4 – Fritz Goh img_9302 A14 – Lucas Teo img_9314 A15 – Khrishwin img_9343 A19 – Jeremiah Khor img_9307 Group B, aged 12 years and below Champion: Trophy + Samsung Galaxy Tab A B11 – Joel Ng img_9374 1st Runner-Up: Trophy + $200 UNIQLO Gift Card B7 – Zachary Wong img_9368 2nd Runner-Up: Trophy + $100 UNIQLO Gift Card B5 – Jalvier Ong img_9361 Merit Award: Medal + $20 UNIQLO Gift Card each B1 – Royson Yu img_9348 B2 – Aatavius Kaden Ng img_9352 B4 – Tang Jian Ming img_9346 B6 – Felix Ng img_9339 B10 – Karl Leong img_9357 To most participants, it was their first time performing a solo act on stage. It was commendable that they managed to overcome their fear to step out of their comfort zone to perform in front of a large crowd! Well done kids! img_9331 Our Martial House Wushu Stars were also present to deliver a spectacular performance which won the applause of the audiences. They were: 1. Seow Wei Kai 2. Wang Choon Hai 3. Justin Low 4. Melissa Mak 5. Ng Shinn 6. Ng Yu Ninn 7. Leo Yi Long 8. Ng Ghing Hung 9. Joel Ng 10. Devni Chamodya Kaluarachchi img_8860 The first edition of the Wushu Stars Contest has successful come to an end. Martial House would like to thank our partner, Chinatown Point for co-organising this event and our sponsors for the amazing goodie bags and prizes. Not forgetting the participants and parents for their active involvement as well as our Martial House staff for their hard work and effort to make this contest a great success! img_9416

Martial House Wushu Seminar 2016

IMG_6816 The Martial House Wushu Seminar is back by popular demand! To provide students and parents with a better understanding of the Wushu landscape in Singapore, the Martial House team will be conducting the seminar for the second time! This time round, there will be 2 seminar sessions, each catering to different groups of athletes. Kindly refer to the details below. Martial House Wushu Seminar Venue: MHQ Date: 12 September 2016, Monday Session A (For New Students & Beginners) Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm 1. Opening Address by Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow 2. The Wushu Landscape in Singapore by Martial House Operations & Training Director, Mr. Wan GuangYao Eric 3. Martial House, Your Trusted Partner by Martial House Sales & Marketing Director, Mr. Timothy Chan Kim Wee 9cd413140110650ce2f1831d64c55651 Session B (For Competitive Athletes) Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm 1. Opening Address by Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow 2. What Should I Know About the New Wushu Judging System? by Martial House Operations & Training Director, Mr. Wan GuangYao Eric 3. The Importance of an Athlete’s Image by Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow 4. Achieving the Best with Martial House by Martial House Sales & Marketing Director, Mr. Timothy Chan Kim Wee Even though admission to the seminar is free, there are limited seats for each session! Hurry register now to avoid disappointment! Click here to register for Session A of the Martial House Wushu Seminar. Click here to register for Session B of the Martial House Wushu Seminar. For further queries, kindly send them via email to [email protected].

“My NDP Experience.”

By: Jennie Toh Yannie 2016 is a very special year as the National Day Parade (NDP) was held in the National Stadium for the first time in 10 years! The National Stadium provided a bigger stage for participants and opportunities for more Singaporeans to catch NDP “live” as the seating capacity was doubled compared to the Marina Floating Platform and the Padang! 14054767_10154002057184209_1574204151_n As a participant, I am really glad to be part of this year’s NDP. Even though I have participated in past NDPs before, I must say my involvement this year was extremely challenging. It was tough managing and coordinating the 6-metre long bamboo poles that it got really frustrating sometimes. However, as a team, we motivated one another to overcome the obstacles together, enriching our journey, contributing to a much more rewarding and memorable experience. 14012207_10154002055884209_1725003824_n Commitment is the most important element to deliver a quality performance. For months, participants have sacrificed their precious weekends to attend practices and rehearsals for the act. Friends often asked why we chose to take part in NDP and what we got in return. The answer, memories. 13934580_10153826881607934_5025091898127130047_n Memories of having having fun together, memories of times we step out of our comfort zone to make new friends, memories of delivering a successful performance together, memories of standing on stage, united as one to feel the Singapore spirit! 13880142_10153979897489209_3051047458522414162_n Through this NDP, I got to meet people from all walks of lives, to forge new friendships, something I appreciate most from the entire journey. I even had the chance to appear on national television for an interview! 13932763_10154000620099209_2503575542772059708_n How often do we get to wear such fanciful costumes to perform for millions? How often do we get the opportunities to be part of the nation’s largest celebration? I truly enjoyed my NDP experience and I am already looking forward to be part of NDP again in 2017! 14030905_10154002058574209_1934951816_n

Wushu Stars Contest 2016 @ Chinatown Point

IMG_0683 Improve your child’s strength, flexibility, agility, balance, stamina and concentration with Wushu. It will help to build self-confidence and esteem among them as well as courtesy, respect, concentration and discipline. Register now to take part in the Wushu Stars Competition by Martial House and stand a chance to win attractive prizes. Participants are required to showcase a 30-second freestyle Wushu routine which they will be judged based on the creativity, audience and aesthetic appeal of their performance. Registration is FREE! Details Date: 11 September 2016 (Sunday) Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm Venue: Chinatown Point, Outdoor Plaza (Level 1) Age Category Group A: 8 years old & below Group B: 12 years old & below Prizes (for Each Age Group) Champion: Trophy + Samsung Galaxy Tab A 1st Runner-Up: Trophy + $200 UNIQLO Gift Card 2nd Runner-Up: Trophy + $100 UNIQLO Gift Card 5 x Merit Awards: Medal + $20 UNIQLO Gift Card each Click here to register. The first 50 participants will be given a goodie bag each.  FAQs 1. What if my performance exceeds 30 seconds? There is a 10-second buffer for each participant. Participants will be penalised if the time exceeds 40 seconds. For every second exceeded, 1 point will be deducted. 2. What is the attire for the contest? There is no specific attire. Participants are free to showcase their creativity! 3. Are props/weapons allowed during the performance? Yes. However, participants have to ensure that safety is not compromised. 4. Will there be accompanying music when I am performing? The event DJ will play a music track from his/her playlist unless participants have their own accompanying music in CD.       5. What are the judging criteria for this contest? The performance will be judged based on creativity (25%), entertainment value (25%), audience appeal (20%), skill level (20%) and aesthetic appeal (10%). If you have any further queries, kindly contact us via email at [email protected].

Martial House National Day Promotion!

National Day Promotion 2016 Celebrate National Day with Martial House by signing up for our Star Card and any of our regular training packages to get a complimentary set of training uniform or attire! This promotion is valid from 1 to 14 August 2016. Due to the high demand, we have expanded our regular schedule with more classes! Kindly refer to the image below for our training schedule. Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.23.46 PM Kungfu Tots, for aged 3 to 6 years: – Wednesdays, 4:00pm – 5:30pm – Saturdays, 10:00am – 11:30am – Saturdays, 5:30pm – 7:00pm – Sundays, 5:30pm – 7:00pm Beginners, for aged 6 years & above: – Thursdays, 7:00pm – 9:00pm – Saturdays, 5:30pm – 7:00pm – Sundays, 8:30am – 10:00am – Sundays, 4:00pm – 5:30pm For more information about our classes, kindly contact us at 6440 5572 or via email at [email protected].

Winners of the Martial House “Shaolin” Tickets Giveaway Contest

shaolin_24-2-15213439 Congratulations to the winners of the Martial “Shaolin” Tickets Giveaway contest! Each winner has won a a pair of tickets to “Shaolin” for the 13 July 2016, 7:30pm show at Marina Bay Sands! 1. gh.wenwen IMG_2615 2. joanne72 IMG_2618 3. ginakohsk IMG_2619 Martial House would like to thank all who have participated in the contest and once again, congratulations to the prize winners! If you have yet to purchase your tickets to watch “Shaolin”, hurry do so right now! *All Martial House Star Card members should have receive an email with the directed link for you to click and purchase the tickets at an exclusive discounted rate. If you did not receive the email, kindly drop us an email to [email protected].* Do follow us on Instagram (@martialhouse) for more exciting updates and contests!

Catch the “Shaolin” Show in Singapore! Catch the breathtaking performance by the Shaolin monks “live” in Singapore! From 13 to 24 July 2016, the cast will be showcasing their formidable skills and moves at Marina Bay Sands! In collaboration with BASE Entertainment Asia, all Martial House Star Card members are entitled to an EXCLUSIVE 15% DISCOUNT!* *All members should have receive an email with the directed link for you to click and purchase the tickets at the discounted rate. If you did not receive the email, kindly drop us an email to [email protected].* Furthermore, we will be giving away 3 PAIRS OF TICKETS for the show on 13 July 2016, 7:30pm! Simply show us your best Shaolin Kung Fu pose on Instagram with the hashtags #MartialHouse and #ShaolinSG to stand a chance to win! shaolin_24-2-15213614 copy Before joining the Martial House “Shaolin” Tickets Giveaway contest, kindly read our terms & conditions. TERMS & CONDITIONS These Terms and Conditions apply to all participants of the Martial House “Shaolin” Tickets Giveaway. Participants who take part agree to and are bound by all the terms and conditions as stated below: 1. Who can enter? Open to all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore and any residing in Singapore at time of the contest. 2. How do I enter? Simply post a picture of you in your best Shaolin Kung Fu pose with hashtags #MartialHouse and #ShaolinSG to stand a chance to win a pair of “Shaolin” tickets. 3. When is the contest period? The contest has started and will end on 26 June 2016 at 11:59pm. Any photo post after this time will not be considered. 4. Can I submit more than once? You may submit as many entries, however, you will only be able to win 1 prize. 5. What are the prizes? 3 Winners x 1 Pair of “Shaolin” Tickets 6. How will you know if I have won? We’ll be announcing the 3 winners on Martial House Instagram and website on 28 June 2016. You’ll have until 1 July 2016 to respond with your personal particulars. If we don’t hear back from you within that time period, we’ll have to pick another winner. Winners will be contacted via Instagram message. All prizes will be collected on 13 July 2016 at the Box Office of Marina Bay Sands. Tickets not collected during the allotted duration will be forfeited. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE PROVISIONS BELOW BEFORE PROVIDING YOUR PERSONAL DATA TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST. BY PROVIDING YOUR PERSONAL DATA PURSUANT TO THE STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS OF THE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT 2010, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE CONTENTS OF THE PROVISIONS AND YOU HEREBY GIVE YOUR CONSENT AS SET OUT BELOW. By submitting your personal data via “Instagram” (which includes names, photographs, recorded audio/video, written communications and/or any other data attribute establishing the personal identity) you consent to Martial House Pte Ltd collecting, using, disclosing and/or processing your personal data for the purpose of “Martial House “Shaolin” Tickets Giveaway”. During your course of dealing with us, we will process your personal data for the above mentioned purpose, including, to communicate with you, provide products and/or services to you, respond to your enquiries or complaints, provide you with information and/or updates on products, services and/or promotions offered by Martial House Pte Ltd, identify you (including publishing your name and photograph) when you participate in the contest organised by us and other purposes required to operate and maintain our business.

The Wushu Landscape in Singapore

mmexport1391101030286 Previously, we discussed about how Wushu has evolved into a modern sport we see today. In this post, we will shift our focus to Singapore to understand the local Wushu scene. The Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation (SWDLDF) is the governing body for Wushu in Singapore. Along with the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) and other organisations, SWDLDF seeks to develop and promote Wushu within and beyond the country. 11146621_993741013999980_3234837361458832287_n In Singapore, the more prominent events to advocate Wushu are competitions. Each year, there are numerous competitions organised at the national and international levels. NTU IVP 2013 (2) Here are some of the well-known national competitions: 1. National Primary Schools Wushu Championship – an annual Wushu competition organised by the Singapore Primary Schools Sports Council (SPSSC) for students who are in primary schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE). IMG_3241 2. National School Games Wushu Championships – an annual Wushu competition organised by the Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) for students who are in secondary schools and junior colleges under the Ministry of Education (MOE). IMG_1728 3. National Wushu Championships – a Wushu competition organised by the SWDLDF for Wushu practitioners from affiliated clubs of the SWDLDF, organisations under the People’s Association and schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE). National Wushu Competition 2008 (50) 4. Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Wushu Games* – a Wushu competition which primarily focus on Traditional Wushu for students from the local Institutes of Technical Education, Polytechnics and Universities. *The name of the competition varies with the hosting institution each year. IVP 2013 Through these local Wushu competitions, the SWDLDF may invite selected outstanding athletes to attend selection trials to enter the National Youth Team and/or National Team. IMG_4415 Besides competitions, organisations and associations also organise various events and activities to promote Wushu, including: a. Chingay Parade 2015 – organised by the People’s Association, brought together 1,000 Wushu practitioners across Singapore to deliver a magnificent contingent display. It was one of the few events in Singapore’s history where different Wushu associations and schools unite together for a massive performance. Chingay (2) b. Mass Taiji Display – organised by the SWDLDF, gathered 3,818 participants to perform the 13-Style Taijiquan routine together in unison at Yio Chu Kang Stadium. The event also set a new Singapore record for having the largest number of people doing Taiji together in 2014. mmexport1393764186353 c. National Wushu Display – a biennale event organised by the SWDLDF where top-notch performers across the world come together to deliver world class martial arts performances at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The last edition of this event was held in 2012. 1916227_220594355928_6577565_n There is no doubt that the Wushu scene in Singapore is indeed vibrant and the popularity of the sport keeps increasing! So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the Wushu Singapore movement today!