“My NDP Experience.”

By: Jennie Toh Yannie 2016 is a very special year as the National Day Parade (NDP) was held in the National Stadium for the first time in 10 years! The National Stadium provided a bigger stage for participants and opportunities for more Singaporeans to catch NDP “live” as the seating capacity was doubled compared to the Marina Floating Platform and the Padang! 14054767_10154002057184209_1574204151_n As a participant, I am really glad to be part of this year’s NDP. Even though I have participated in past NDPs before, I must say my involvement this year was extremely challenging. It was tough managing and coordinating the 6-metre long bamboo poles that it got really frustrating sometimes. However, as a team, we motivated one another to overcome the obstacles together, enriching our journey, contributing to a much more rewarding and memorable experience. 14012207_10154002055884209_1725003824_n Commitment is the most important element to deliver a quality performance. For months, participants have sacrificed their precious weekends to attend practices and rehearsals for the act. Friends often asked why we chose to take part in NDP and what we got in return. The answer, memories. 13934580_10153826881607934_5025091898127130047_n Memories of having having fun together, memories of times we step out of our comfort zone to make new friends, memories of delivering a successful performance together, memories of standing on stage, united as one to feel the Singapore spirit! 13880142_10153979897489209_3051047458522414162_n Through this NDP, I got to meet people from all walks of lives, to forge new friendships, something I appreciate most from the entire journey. I even had the chance to appear on national television for an interview! 13932763_10154000620099209_2503575542772059708_n How often do we get to wear such fanciful costumes to perform for millions? How often do we get the opportunities to be part of the nation’s largest celebration? I truly enjoyed my NDP experience and I am already looking forward to be part of NDP again in 2017! 14030905_10154002058574209_1934951816_n

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