Happy Birthday 61st Birthday Master Leo Kee Ann!

On 29 April 2015, the staff of Martial House planned a surprise celebration for Master Leo Kee Ann as it was his 61st birthday! The private event was held on Nautica, a yacht parked at Marina Country Club. Special thanks to the staff from Asia Dive Academy for being such a great host! Also, a big thank you to all who made this event possible despite the heavy rain! The rain has definitely made the night much more memorable! Once again, Happy Birthday to Master Leo! Stay youthful, stay healthy!

5-Duan Weapon Routines Demonstration Videos

The Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) stated earlier this year in the Rules & Regulation of the 11th SSSC National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015: “Starting from 2016, all 4-Duan Weapon events (4-Duan Broadsword/Sword/Cudgel and Spear) will be discontinued, and be replaced by 5-Duan Broadsword/Sword/Cudgel and Spear.” As such, Wushu Daze has consolidated the demonstration videos of the 5-Duan Weapons below. 1. 5-Duan Broadsword: https://youtube.com/watch?v=jn7n-j3EHKk 2. 5-Duan Sword: https://youtube.com/watch?v=KawaYChDl3Y&feature=youtu.be 3. 5-Duan Cudgel: https://youtube.com/watch?v=9VVFPo1IhvI&feature=youtu.be 4. 5-Duan Spear: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ROJp8eBgdT4

Martial House & Coach Reann Featured on Henna Gaijin

https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ai7kaSK3TIQ Martial House & Coach Leo Rui Yan (Reann) were feature on episode 6 of Henna Gaijin! Henna Gaijin is a YouTube channel that features people who follow their passions and living their dreams. In the episode, Coach Reann shared about her passion for Wushu and what Wushu means to her. Also, Kingston & team did a Qigong demonstration that amazed the host! Martial House would like to thank Henna Gaijin for the feature and for promoting Wushu.

Congratulations to Wild Rice!

1419500180475 On 20 April 2015, Wild Rice’s Monkey Goes West won the Production of the Year award at the 15th M1-The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards 2015! The musical production also won the Best Costume Design and Production of the Year (Readers’ Choice) awards! 1419498400665 Martial House and Wushu Daze would like to congratulate Wild Rice on its outstanding achievements! Definitely looking forward to more entertaining productions by Wild Rice! Click here to view the article on the 15th M1-The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards 2015 by The Straits Times.

Congratulations to Damien Teo! 

Last night during Star Awards 2015 Show 1, Martial House Star, Damien Teo was awarded the “Young Talent Award” for his outstanding performance in MediaCorp Channel 8 drama, “The Journey: Tumultuous Times”! Over the past few years, Damien has grown and made many remarkable achievements. From a cheeky young little boy to becoming a national Wushu champion and now, an award winning actor! Damien is definitely a multi-talented young boy who is filled with determination and perseverance to do his best in everything he does. This desirable trait is what Martial House would like to cultivate among students and hope that they would see Damien as a role model. Once again, congratulations to Damien! Hope he will continue to work hard so that we can see him more frequently on television! He has indeed done Martial House proud! Below are some of the media platforms that featured the most recent winner of the “Young Talent Award”, Damien Teo: 1. Channel 8 Facebook Page: 2. Channel 8 News Facebook Page: 3. Channel NewsAsia Website: Click here to read the full article. 4. Toggle: Click here to read the article and here to watch his exclusive interview. If you missed the “live” telecast of Star Awards 2015 Show 1, you may click here and watch it at Toggle.

[Updated] Martial House Stars @ Bukit Timah Plaza Talent Show 2015

BTP Group On 12 April 2015, the Martial House Qigong team compromising of Kingston Chua, Seow Wei Kai, Wang Chun Hai and Shawn Tan participated in the Grand Final of the Bukit Timah Talent Show 2015! BTP 3rd The team of four has stunned the judges and audiences with their jaw-dropping Qigong performance as Kingston bent a cudgel, a spear and a bundle of three metal rods with his throat! Their impressive act, together with the Facebook video “likes” accumulated, have earned them the third prize! IMG_3596 Here are some words of appreciation by Kingston: “I want to thank everybody who liked and shared the video (on Facebook), especially those who helped me tag every single soul in their friend list because it’s laborious and time-consuming but that helps a lot. Also, thank you to those who came all the way down to Bukit Timah Plaza to support us. Also, I would like thank my partners who for supporting the cudgel, spear and metal rods. Without your assistance, the show wouldn’t be possible. Lastly, I would like to thank Master Leo Kee Ann for his guidance. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to master this skill.” Once again, congratulations to the Martial House Qigong team! https://youtube.com/watch?v=zrIumlRNxuo If you missed their “live” performance, fret not as you may watch their impressive Qigong act in the video above! IMG_3595Martial House’s most well-known twins, Nigel & Neville were also invited as guest performers to perform during the show as they were Champions for last year’s edition of the talent show. If you got a talent and would like to join the show next year, do visit and like the Bukit Timah Plaza’s Facebook Page to receive the latest news and updates!

Congratulations to the Casts & Crews of “Legends of the Southern Arch”!

IMG_3612 Martial House would like to congratulate The Theatre Practice for successfully concluding its 302nd production, “Legends of the Southern Arch”! The last show was held on 12 April 2015, Sunday at the Drama Centre Theatre @ National Library Building. IMG_3619 The production was definitely entertaining as it was filled with humour, emotions and not forgetting actions which were choreographed by Martial House Choreographer & Artistic Consultant, Gordon Choy. For those who have been involved in National Day Parades and Chingays with Martial House over the years, you would find Gordon familiar. Gordon Choy Martial House would also like to thank The Theatre Production for the opportunity to be involved in this production. Martial House Stars, Yap Wen Ren and Koh Jing Sen were part of the casts and they have impressed many with their action-packed movements and comedy in the opening scene! Yap Wei Ren When asked about his acting experience, Wei Ren replied, “It is a bittersweet feeling now that the production is over. Bitter because I will miss the people there. They have taught me a lot and I have gained so much from them. On the other hand, I am also glad that the production is over as I can finally catch up with my sleep! Being an actor is not easy especially when you have shows every day and some days you have two! Really have to respect all the actors for their passion and perseverance!” Koh Jing SenAfter “Monkey Goes West”, “Legends of the Southern Arch” was the next production which involved talents from Martial House. Hopefully, we will get to see more Martial House Stars in the theatre scene!

End of the 11th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015

IMG_3489 And so, we have come to the end of the 11th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015! The finals of the competition was held at Toa Payoh Sports Hall where Wushu teams from the various schools had their last showdown in the Group Events! IMG_3492 During the final day, Wushu teams under Martial House have performed well as they attained a total of 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze and 3 3rd Runner-Up medals! IMG_3500 The outstanding Wushu teams for today are: Group Quanshu – C Boys: Victoria School – Silver Group Quanshu – A Boys: Meridian Junior College – Gold Anderson Junior College – 3rd Runner-Up Group Quanshu – A Girls: Meridian Junior College – Bronze Group Weapon – C Boys: Victoria School – Silver Group Weapon – B Boys: Beatty Secondary School – 3rd Runner-Up Group Weapon – A Boys: Meridian Junior College – Gold Anderson Junior College – 3rd Runner-Up Group Weapon – A Girls: Anderson Junior College – Bronze IMG_3449 Congratulations to all medallists on their achievements as well as all participants for completing their inter-school Wushu competition journey this year! Each athlete has put in lots of effort in training, logistics preparation, styling, etc. Without the active support of the parents, teachers and alumni of the various Wushu teams, the athletes would not be able to focus and compete at ease! A big thank you to all the heroes behind-the-scene who made everything possible! IMG_3526 It was also an emotional day for some athletes (especially those who are in the final year in their junior college) as it marks the end of their inter-school competition journey. Whether the journey ended with happiness or disappointment, it is the experience that matters. Hope you guys will treasure the moments spent with your team mates and may these precious memories and valuable friendships last forever! IMG_3542 After 7 intensive days of the 11th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015, Martial House is proud to announce that the Wushu teams from the following schools have made it to the Top 4 placings for the respective divisions: Meridian Junior College: A Division Boys – Champion A Division Girls – 2nd Runner-Up Victoria School: C Division Boys – 1st Runner-Up The A Division Boys from Meridian Junior College have performed exceptionally well by attaining Gold medals for both Group Quanshu and Group Weapon events for the first time since 2008! Also, their astonishing total accumulated points of 196 has secured them the division championship trophy! Well done boys! IMG_3496 Wayne Tay, the Captain of the Wushu team from Meridian Junior College, was interviewed after the prize presentation by National School Games, a sports programme on StarHub’s SuperSports Arena channel that traces the highlights and profiles of young sports talents! Do keep a lookout for the show once it is aired! IMG_3482Martial House is also pleased to announce that its athletes have achieved a total of 92 medals in the 11th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015! The consolidated results can be found below: 11th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015 Well done Martial House Stars! Martial House is truly proud of each and every one of you! Do continue to train hard to reach your fullest potential! 11148457_10204485292429189_3712560329274462265_n

Day 6 of the 11th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015

IMG_3404 Day 6 of the competition was literally a long day as it was filled with a series of Long Weapon events. Martial House athletes were faced with strong opponents and attained a total of 6 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze and 2 3rd Runner-Up medals! IMG_3406 The medallists from today’s competition are: Nan Gun (1st International) – A Boys: Sean Ng (Meridian Junior College) – Gold Joel Ng Ye Day (Anderson Junior College) – Bronze Nan Gun (1st International) – A Girls: Lee Yin Cai (Meridian Junior College) – Bronze 4-Duan Cudgel – C Boys: Ong Pang Jan (Victoria School) – Gold Cudgel (1st International) – B Boys: Ong Pang Zan (Victoria School) – Silver Cudgel (1st International) – A Boys: Ng Geng Jui (Meridian Junior College) – Gold Deng Min Long (Meridian Junior College) – Silver Spear (2nd International) – A Boys: Adrian Tan Kai Xi (Meridian Junior College) – Silver Cudgel (2nd International) – B Boys: Cheong Neville (Hwa Chong Institution) – Silver Teo Jun Wei, Tobias (Victoria School) – 3rd Runner-Up Spear (1st International) – C Boys: Tay Kai Jie, Worden (Victoria School) – Silver Spear (1st International) – A Boys: Ong Shi Jie Gordon (Meridian Junior College) – Silver Clement Soo U-Jie (Meridian Junior College) – 3rd Runner-Up Spear (2nd International) – A Girls: Chong Rei Yin (Anderson Junior College) – Gold Ho Yingjie (Meridian Junior College) – Bronze Cudgel (2nd International) – A Boys: Wayne Tay (Meridian Junior College) – Gold Tan Guan Ren, Melvin (Meridian Junior College) – Silver Cudgel (2nd International) – A Girls: Yap Yuan Xin (Meridian Junior College) – Gold IMG_3401 Congratulations to all medallists! All individual events have ended and tomorrow is the final day of the 11th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015! All the best to participants who participating in the group events! IMG_3402P.S. Note that the first event will commence at 10.00am tomorrow at Toa Payoh Sports Hall.

Day 5 of the 11th National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015

IMG_3351 There was a total of 12 Short Weapon events in today’s competition. The Martial House athletes have performed well once again by attaining a total of 5 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 3rd Runner-Up medals! IMG_3360 The outstanding athletes for today are: Nan Dao (1st International) – B Boys: Ryan Soh Bolin (Beatty Secondary School) – Silver Nan Dao (1st International) – B Girls: Josephine Lee Sze Min (Anglican High School) – Gold Chua Xin Qi (Beatty Secondary School) – Silver 4-Duan Broadsword – C Boys: Ong Pang Jan (Victoria School) – Gold Nan Dao (1st International) – A Boys: Sean Ng (Meridian Junior College) – Gold Joel Ng Ye Da (Anderson Junior College) – 3rd Runner-Up 32-Style Taiji Sword – C Boys: Tay Yu Xuan (Victoria School) – Gold 32-Style Taiji Sword – C Girls: Melissa Mak Ziqi (Ngee Ann Secondary School) – Gold Cheong Vanessa (Nanyang Girls’ High School) – 3rd Runner-Up Broadsword (1st International) – C Boys: Koh Hao Xuan (Victoria School) – 3rd Runner-Up Broadsword (1st International) – B Boys: Ong Pang Zan (Victoria School) – Silver IMG_3366 Well done athletes! Keep up the great work! We are now down to the last 2 days of Wushu competition which will be held at Toa Payoh Sports Hall. Note that the competition tomorrow will commence at 10.30am instead of the usual 12.30pm. IMG_3371