Martial House APEX Camp 2014

IMG_6642 From 16 to 19 December 2014, Martial House conducted its first ever APEX Camp! With the objective of inculcating independence, teamwork, social networking skills and moral values in students, the team of coaches from Martial House has planned a series of action-packed and fun-filled activities for the young student campers throughout the 4 days! IMG_6937 Four outstanding Martial House students – Seow Wei Kai, Tan Kairui, Cheong Neville and Loh Yan Ping, were shortlisted to be student leaders for the camp. It was a test of their leadership and communication skills as the student leaders had to lead the young campers throughout the entire camp! It was definitely a challenging task for the leaders as most the campers were hyperactive and playful! IMG_7358 Even though it was tough and tiring, the leaders felt that the camp experience was a fruitful and memorable one! On behalf of Martial House, I would like to thank the student leaders for all their hard work, commitment and dedication! IMG_7462 One of the camp highlights was the rock climbing and high elements challenge, whereby the campers had to overcome their fear of heights while completing the various obstacles. It was heartwarming and encouraging to see fellow campers cheering each other on when the campers were attempting to overcome each obstacle. IMG_7143 During the rock climbing challenge, Ryane Lim was the only one who managed to reach the top of the 25m sport climbing wall – the tallest free-standing wall in Southeast Asia! None of the other campers, student leaders, or even the coaches managed to complete the climb. What’s even more impressive is that Ryane successfully reached the top not only once, but twice! IMG_7229 IMG_7080 Besides the regular training and outdoor activities, theory lessons were conducted for campers to better understand and appreciate the cultural values of the traditional Chinese martial art. IMG_6838 IMG_6852 On 19 December 2014, during the last night of the camp, family and friends were invited to watch a series of performances, specially prepared by the campers. The performances were filled with so much creativity and humour that the audiences kept laughing and smiling throughout the night! IMG_7393 IMG_7413Each camper was presented with a Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the 4-day APEX Camp. Outstanding campers were also awarded with Certificates of Excellence. IMG_7472 In no particular order of merit, the awardees for the Certificate of Excellence – Outstanding Camper Award are: 1. Wong Yin Hoi Zachary 2. Ryane Lim Yi Ren 3. Lee Fong Khin Jonas 4. Chia Kai Ming IMG_7477 Team Dynamite was also awarded the Certificate of Excellence – Outstanding Team Award. The members include: a. Seow Wei Kai b. Shaun Teo c. Lam Jun Long Javis d. Lam Zhi Yu Mavise e. Lee Fong Khin Jonas Congratulations to all award winners! With this, Martial House APEX Camp 2014 has officially came to an end. IMG_7495 On behalf of Martial House, I would like to thank the campers and parents for attending the camp and for giving their never-ending support. To the coaches, student leaders and helpers, Martial House Apex Camp 2014 would not have happen without you. Thank you. Below is a video montage of the camp. Hopefully, it will help retain some of the many memorable moments we have shared throughout the 4 days. Do look forward to a much more exciting APEX Camp in 2015!

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