The Reason Why Sparring Events were Removed?

Click here to watch video. The video features one of the many epic moments these two ladies had during their sparring practices in 2011! This is probably why sparring events are removed from inter-school competitions!


Anyway, do you remember these two Martial House Wushu Stars? They are Lee Yeh Ching and Jasmine Tan! Yeh Ching Most seniors would remember Yeh Ching as a bubbly and clumsy (as you can see from the video) girl. However, her determination and perseverance are two outstanding qualities that created such a lasting impression until today. Yeh Ching is currently pursuing a degree in Life Science in the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is a member of the NUS Dragonboat Team! Jasmine One of the highlights of Jasmine’s Wushu career would be the achievement of triple gold medals in her last National Inter-School Championships in 2010!┬áJasmine has just graduated from Republic Polytechnic (RP) and she has been actively involved in Cheerleading with RP Rexaz Cheerleaders!

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