Happy 60th Birthday to Master Leo!

Some of you may be curious about why there is recent commotion about the past of Martial House and Dewu Pugilistic Association. You start to see old photos and videos appearing on Facebook and even here on Wushu Daze! But why? http://youtube.com/watch?v=0grc4wD47OI&feature=youtu.be It is because students from Martial House was preparing a surprise video for Master Leo Kee Ann! Master Leo A big thank you to all who have took the time and effort to self-record your birthday wishes for Master Leo! As you can see, Master Leo was so happy when he was watching the video, especially when his older students appeared! Master Leo (1)As there were late submissions, some videos were not included in the compilation but fret not, you can still view them here. Rest assured that Master Leo has watched each and every single video posted! Lastly, on behalf of Martial House, I would like to thank all coaches, parents and students who came for his birthday celebration! Master Leo Birthday P.S. 29 April 2014 is the actual day of Master Leo’s Birthday.  

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