Mass Tai Chi Session @ Marina Barrage

On 18 September 2015, the team of Martial House instructors conducted a mass Tai Chi session at Marina Barrage for 450 foreign delegates. The delegates came from 12 different countries, including Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico and Spain. The objective of the event was to provide delegates with first-hand experience with Tai Chi to better understand and appreciate this form of Chinese martial arts. With Instructor Jessen Tan leading the team, the Martial House instructors showcased a simple Tai Chi routine. Delegates were then split into smaller groups to learn the basics of Tai Chi from the instructors. After which, instructors and participants gathered to execute the routine together. It was indeed a magnificent sight! Instructors and participants then interacted to take photos together with the beautiful landscape of Singapore! Hopefully, the session provided an engaging and enjoyable experience for all! It was a great pleasure for Martial House to conduct such a massive event for the foreign delegates. Martial House would like to thank all instructors for making the event a successful one! Below is a video tribute to all instructors:

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