Martial House @ HSBC D&D 2015

On 13 November 2015, the Martial House LED Modern Lion Dance troupe was invited to be part of the opening performance at HSBC’s Dinner & Dance event. Along with the lion dance troupe from Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre and the staff of HSBC Singapore, a spectacular performance was delivered to the 1,800 guests present at the event! It was a coincidence that one of the fellow Martial House seniors, Melvyn Li, was part of the opening performance too! As a staff of HSBC, Melvyn was part of the surprise segment of the opening performance where his showcased some of his Wushu moves! Martial House would like to thank HSBC Singapore for having the modern lion dance troupe to be part of the event and congratulation on the successful D&D!

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