Martial House Stars @ Monkey Goes West

1416907690910 After months of practices, the Martial House Stars have finally made their performance debut on 21 November 2014, at Monkey Goes West, a production by Wild Rice! The Stars involved were: 1. Joshua Goh 2. Micah Goh 3. Devni Chamodya Kaluarachchi 4. Jonas Lee Fong Khin 5. Shannon Lee Yu En 6. Beckham Lee Yu Jie 7. Javis Lee Yan Jie 8. Douglas Leow Kee Teck 9. Ng Yu Ninn 10. Ng Yu Shinn 11. Benjamin Ong 12. Isaac Peh 13. Justin Poon Jun Jie Watch the behind the scene video of Monkey Goes West: Martial House’s Artistic Consultant & Choreographer, Gordon Choy, was also involved. He took the roles of Movement Coach, Fight Choreographer & Dance Captain in the production. 1416907839563 Martial House Coach Reann was among those who caught the first show and she commented: “It was a wild, adventurous and inspiring performance! I love how the traditional Chinese story blend in with a modern touch!” 1416907826567 The play is on from 21 November 2014 till 13 December 2014. Do not miss this massive local production by Wild Rice at Victoria Theatre! Grab your tickets from SISTIC now! 1416907775213 Watch the trailer of Monkey Goes West below:

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