Martial House CNY Performance Crew & Chingay Parade 2016 Appreciation Lunch

IMG_5262 With the objective to recognise the hard work and valuable contributions of Martial House Stars, the Martial House Chinese New Year (CNY) Performance Crew and Chingay Parade 2016 participants were invited to an exclusive appreciation lunch event on 28 February 2016! af9458e46ca149391babe475f8818eb4 After the sumptuous lunch, an award presentation ceremony was held. Firstly, certificates of appreciation by the People’s Association were individually presented to the participants of Chingay Parade 2016. Following, special awards were presented to outstanding performers. The awardees were: Chingay Parade 2016 Special Honorary Mention: Chua Xin Qi Star Participant Award: Eden Cheong Most Valuable Participant: Neville Cheong Character Awards 1. Most Polite: Dhea Tho 2. Most Responsible: Herlyn Loo 3. Most Caring: Amanda Seah 4. Most Helpful: Chua Wen Bin 5. Most Thoughtful: Melissa Mak 6. Most Hardworking: Loh Yan Ping 49f56573ca96b92775aea79cda14231e Awardees were each presented with a limited edition Martial House towel while an exclusive G-Shock watch was presented to the recipient of the Special Honorary Mention Award, Chua Xin Qi! 72c73af5259939d64443a15817aaed74 A third presentation was then specially held for the Martial House CNY Performance Crew. Five outstanding Martial House Stars were each awarded with a G-Shock watch for their commitment and effort for their active involvement in performances with Martial House throughout the CNY period. The awardees were: CNY Performance Crew Most Valuable Performer: Neville Cheong Best Performance Item: Yap Zheng Yan – Nine Section Whip Most Outstanding Performance Leader: Yap Wei Ren Most Versatile Performer: Nigel Cheong Best Newcomer: Caston Lim 2c7f20c6ae7500aec0bf222d18ba752d Once again, a super big thank you to all Martial House Stars for your active involvement, selfless sacrifices and valuable contributions! Martial House would also like to thank our trusted partner, Hour Boutique (S) Pte Ltd for co-sponsoring the G-Shock watches. IMG_1040 If you are a Martial House Star Card member, simply flash your card to to enjoy additional 10% discount for Seiko, Deep Blue & Michel Herbelin watches and/or additional 5% discount for Casio G-Shock watches! Hour Boutique is located at 3 Coleman Street, Peninsula Shopping Centre, #01-31, Singapore 179804. Click here to visit Hour Boutique’s website.

Martial House @ Chingay Parade 2016

3e24cfff4172fc569dc6ce39018d5bb4 Once again, Martial House is privileged to be part of the national event, Chingay Parade! The parade is also the largest street performance and float parade in Asia! This year, Martial House was involved in a variety of segments include the pre-parade and the main show segments. 3cfc52240fcedf848a0da7e6f5494298 During the pre-parade segment, the dynamic twin brothers, Nigel & Neville Cheong wore the LED costumes and flew up the night sky to deliver an aerial performance with flags. The aerial act may seem graceful and easy but in fact, it requires a lot of strength and coordination especially when the wind is much stronger at the top. Besides the pre-parade, the twins, along with the other participants from Martial House, were also part of the third segment, “Friendship all over the World”. In the segment, the participants collaborated with the performers from Fujian Song and Dance Theatre to present the magnificent act “The Dream of Maritime Silk Road”! IMG_1300 The item was made possible by the artistic directors, including Gordon Choy, Kevan Cheah and Xue Yong Zhi from Martial House, as well as various behind-the-scene warriors who have worked hard to coordinate the performance! eaaeecd44d070d32ea480e97960ddbbc During the “250 Big Sisters Celebrate Chinese New Year” act in second segment, “Sun Wu Kong” made an appearance. Do you know that the “Sun Wu Kong” was actually Martial House Choreographer & Artistic Director, Gordon Choy! His cheeky rendition of “Sun Wu Kong” has indeed brought fun and laughter to the audiences! 12647415_10153435176003129_39042371612065061_n Chingay Parade 2016 was indeed a fun and exciting journey for the Martial House family! Martial House would like to thank all participants, parents and coaches for the effort and dedication to make this performance a success! 5862dca332f808fc221dda616af01ab2 If you have missed Chingay Parade 2016, click here to watch it on Toggle.

Chingay Practice in Progress!

It is confirmed that Martial House will be performing in this year’s Chingay Parade! With the theme “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore”, do expect a magnificent show brought to you by the various organisational groups across Singapore! The Martial House team for Chingay Parade 2016 is led by choreographers Gordon Choy, Xue Yong Zhi & Kevan Cheah. The participants have worked hard for their item, so do look forward to their performance in February! Click here to find out more about Chingay Parade 2016. Also, today marks the birthday of Coach Shawn Tan! Martial House & Wushu Daze would like to wish him a blessed birthday and enjoy this special day!

Wushu: Resilience in Motion Get-Together

Chingay Appreciation (1) On 8 March 2015, the participants of Chingay 2015 Wushu contingent had the opportunity to reunite once again! This is made possible thanks to People’s Association (PA) for organizing the Wushu: Resilience in Motion Get-Together event! Chingay Appreciation (3) The appreciation event was specially prepared by PA to thank all the members of the organizing committee, trainers and participants for all the time, effort and dedication they have put in to make the Chingay performance a successful one! PA has also prepared an appreciation video for all participants of the Chingay 2015 Wushu contingent. Some of the Martial House Stars are featured in the video! Can you spot them? This Chingay experience is definitely a memorable one for many as it was the first time Wushu enthusiasts across Singapore unite together to deliver such a massive performance! Hopefully, there will be more of such opportunities and platforms in the future! P.S. If you missed the “live” show and the repeated telecast of the Chingay Parade 2015, you may watch in on xinmsn by clicking here!

Well Done Wushu Contingent @ Chingay Parade 2015!

Chingay (1) It was indeed a magnificent display by the 1,000 performers from the Wushu contingent at Chingay Parade 2015! The hard work and commitments of the trainers and performers finally paid off after months of planning and rehearsals! Chingay (3) The Wushu contingent was led by former MediaCorp artiste & World Wushu Champion, Mr. Vincent Ng (Chairman & Main Choreographer) and Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow (Vice Chairman). Martial House Coach, Wan GuangYao Eric, was also one of the Assistant Choreographers for the contingent. Chingay (2) Without the active participation of Wushu practitioners across Singapore, the Wushu contingent would not have deliver such an impactful performance! Credit goes to the People’s Association (PA) for providing such a platform to unite the different Wushu associations & schools together to work towards a common goal! If you missed the exciting Chingay performance, fret not as MediaCorp Channel 8 will be broadcasting the repeated telecast of Chingay Parade 2015 on 8 March 2015, Sunday, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Otherwise, you may catch a glimpse of the Wushu segment below: This Chingay experience of the Wushu contingent definitely reminds me of the mission statement of Dewu Pugilistic Association: “Through Wushu, we will be united with friendship and brotherhood, regardless of where we came from.” Photo Credits: Martial House Coach, Wan GuangYao Eric