Well Done Wushu Contingent @ Chingay Parade 2015!

Chingay (1) It was indeed a magnificent display by the 1,000 performers from the Wushu contingent at Chingay Parade 2015! The hard work and commitments of the trainers and performers finally paid off after months of planning and rehearsals! Chingay (3) The Wushu contingent was led by former MediaCorp artiste & World Wushu Champion, Mr. Vincent Ng (Chairman & Main Choreographer) and Martial House Managing Director, Mr. Leo Wen Yeow (Vice Chairman). Martial House Coach, Wan GuangYao Eric, was also one of the Assistant Choreographers for the contingent. Chingay (2) Without the active participation of Wushu practitioners across Singapore, the Wushu contingent would not have deliver such an impactful performance! Credit goes to the People’s Association (PA) for providing such a platform to unite the different Wushu associations & schools together to work towards a common goal! If you missed the exciting Chingay performance, fret not as MediaCorp Channel 8 will be broadcasting the repeated telecast of Chingay Parade 2015 on 8 March 2015, Sunday, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Otherwise, you may catch a glimpse of the Wushu segment below: https://youtube.com/watch?v=So4qGyfAwns This Chingay experience of the Wushu contingent definitely reminds me of the mission statement of Dewu Pugilistic Association: “Through Wushu, we will be united with friendship and brotherhood, regardless of where we came from.” Photo Credits: Martial House Coach, Wan GuangYao Eric

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