Winners of the Martial House Ang Bao Giveaway Contest

12622365_10153840262149383_6925588816599829737_o Congratulations to the winners of the Martial House Ang Bao Giveaway contest! Each winner will bring home the limited edition Ang Bao for this Chinese New Year! 1. 梁旂銨‪ 2. Emily Sin 3. Jade Wong 4. 黄靖雯 5. Lim Hao Jie 6. Martin Tay 7. Zoe Mui 8. Leo Rui Ling 9. Joyce Lee 10. Dexter Tan 11. Riley Kai Yi 12. Huang De Hong 13. Wang Kai Ting 14. Joanne Chew 15. Choo Fong Fong 16. Ho Lin Ying 17. Leonard Sim 18. JiaJun Lim 19. Clement Soo 20. Gina Koh 21. Shu Yan 22. Shawn Tan 23. Lim Bak Huat Patrick 24. MuiMui Wong 25. Joanna Ng 26. Alice Yeong 27. Iryn Megan Tan 28. Valerie Low 29. Chen Jiayi 30. Justin Low 31. Gary Liew 32. Ronald Chi Peng Huat 33. 张庶民 34. Eileen Kuo 35. Ron Lew 36. Michelle Liew 37. Fiona Loh Pei Yu 38. Zi Jie 39. Shun Wen 40. LuLu Luka 41. Gavin Teo Chongzhe 42. Jennifer Goh 43. Joel Ng 44. Jessica Fen 45. Sharon Yee 46. Gordon Choy‪ 47. 丁志勇 Cruz Teng 48. Eric Li 49. Kimberly Chia 50. Damien Teo 51. Janice Law 52. Kathryn Toh 53. Catherine Fong 54. Michelle Tay 55. Chua Zhong Ming Jasper To all winners, kindly reply us (via Facebook private message) the following so that we can give you more information on your prize. a. Full Name b. Contact Number c. Home Address d. Email Address We will need this information to verify your identity so that we can mail your prize to you. Kindly come back to us with your details by 5 February 2016, 10:00pm, so that we can prepare your prize for you. We won’t be able to guarantee that your prize will still be available if we receive your details later than that, so please be sure to reply us before then. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for more exciting contests!

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