Action-Packed CNY Week with the Martial House Stars!

57c395474677e50752de508259d2822a It was another action-packed week as Martial House welcomes the Year of the Monkey! The Martial House Stars were involved in a series of performances and events to celebrate the Chinese New Year (CNY). 1. Wushu Performances @ Clementi Mall (30 & 31 January 2016) FullSizeRender-6 After impressing the shoppers at Clementi Mall the previous week, the Martial House Stars were back once again for more action! The performers were: 30 January 2016 a. Yap Wei Ren b. Chua Xin Qi c. Melissa Mak d. Toh Xiang Hao e. Eugene Yeo IMG_0498 31 January 2016 a. Ho Lin Ying b. Yap Wei Ren c. Ng Shinn d. Ng Yu Ninn e. Eugene Yeo FullSizeRender-7 Photo Credits: Gina Koh 2. Wushu Performances @ Square 2 (31 January & 5 February 2016) FullSizeRender-9 The Martial House Stars were back at Square 2 once again to showcase some of their dynamic moves and actions! The Stars included: 31 January 2016 a. Neville Cheong b. Nigel Cheong c. Chua Xin Qi d. Adrian Tan e. Ng Geng Jui f. Travier Wong g. Melvin Tan h. Vanessa Cheong IMG_0535 5 February 2016 a. Ho Lin Ying b. Neville Cheong c. Nigel Cheong d. Leo Yi Long e. Travier Wong f. Koh Hao Xuan g. Caston Lim FullSizeRender-10 Blogger Alexander Tan was among the shoppers who caught the Martial House Stars in action. The Stars have left an impression on him that he blogged about the performance. He even managed to film the performance and shared them on his blog! Click here to visit Alexander’s blog. 3. Ushering in the Year of Monkey with Avnet – IBM – Lenovo (2 February 2016) IMG_0550 On 2 February 2016, Martial House was invited to perform in a corporate event “Ushering in the Year of Monkey with Avnet – IBM – Lenovo”. A stage collaboration between the Wushu & Face Changing performances was specially arranged which served as an energetic opening to the event! The performers were: a. Seow Wei Kai b. Yap Zheng Yan c. Yap Yuan Xin d. Ellie Tay e. Caston Lim f. Ng Teck Hong g. Jessen Tan h. Timothy Chan i. Wan GuangYao 4. Cultural Exchange Programme with Japanese Students (3 & 4 February 2016) IMG_0603-1 On 3 & 4 February 2016, Martial House collaborated with Pho Leng Lion Dance Instruction Centre to conduct a Cultural Exchange Programme for a group of Japanese students. a983bfbe2b04eeb37deb92981dc8fabe Upon arrival, the students were first greeted by the ambassadors through a dynamic performance. Following, the students were introduced to the Chinese traditional and cultural art of Wushu and Lion Dance through an interactive hands-on session facilitated by the ambassadors. The ambassadors from Martial House were: 3 February 2016 a. Ellie Tay b. Yap Yuan Xin c. Travier Wong d. Clement Soo e. Caston Lim b0409aa619878b4d6e34c25ffd1317a8 4 February 2016 a. Ng Teck Hong b. Ellie Tay c. Yap Yuan Xin d. Clement Soo e. Caston Lim IMG_0612 Photo Credits: Ng Teck Hong 5. CNY Celebration @ Stamford American International School (5 February 2016) c122b013785b6164631b8574efeb13d5 For the 4th consecutive year, Martial House and Stamford American International School (SAIS) collaborated to deliver a series of spectacular performances for the students, parents and teachers to celebrate the lunar new year. a582b94afd29e3d396b9c16928ed2a29 Besides the traditional Lion & Dragon Dance, there were Chinese Plate Spinning Acrobat, Diabolo (a.k.a. Chinese Yoyo) and Wushu performances. The Martial House Stars who performed for the Wushu segment were: a. Damien Teo b. Neville Cheong c. Ellie Tay d. Yap Yuan Xin e. Travier Wong f. Clement Soo g. Koh Hao Xuan h. Caston Lim c29f8390278340360984f77484e51008 Photo Credits: Leo Wen Yeow 6. Heineken Got Talent (5 February 2016) IMG_0640 On 5 February 2016, the Martial House LED Modern Lions were invited to be part of the opening segment of the “Heineken Got Talent” event. In collaboration with the traditional lion dance team, the performers delivered an electrifying performance! Kudos to the performers from Martial House: a. Ng Teck Hong b. Caston Lim c. Shawn Tan d. Dayton Leem IMG_0643 7. CNY Celebration @ Orchard Hotel Singapore (7 February 2016) dfb40676d8777b209eb028f1fc4c1bb7 To hype up the festive mood and enhance the dining experience at Orchard Hotel Singapore, the God of Fortune & Lucky Monkey from Martial House were invited to share their new year blessings with the guests. Besides the mascots, booths were set up to provide guests with CNY-related souvenirs such as the traditional dough figurines and Chinese fans with customised auspicious greetings calligraphed on them. 24363630ff96eb21b2c6c452753af192 8. Lion Dance Cai Qing @ Comms Square Creative Pte Ltd (10 February 2016) The Lion Dance troupe from Martial House was invited to the office of Comms Square Creative Pte Ltd for a Cai Qing performance. dc56fe0c526890bab4b482d54c94601c “Cai Qing” (a.k.a. “plucking the greens”) is a homonym for “wealth and fortune” whereby the lion(s) will dance to approach to “eat” and then “spit” the green vegetables and oranges. The act is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the business. If you would like to engage Martial House for performances, kindly send your queries via email to [email protected].