National Wushu & Sanda Championships 2015

IMG_6277 The National Wushu & Sanda Championships 2015 was held from 13 to 16 August 2015 at Woodlands Sports Hall. As the year 2015 was a hectic year for the Martial House family (with the involvement of Chingay Parade 2015, 28th SEA Games & National Day Parade 2015), a relatively smaller group of 9 athletes was formed to represent the De Wu Pugilistic Association contingent in the annual competition this year. IMG_6276 The athletes who represented De Wu Pugilistic Association were: 1. Josephine Lee Sze Min 2. Yap Wei Ren 3. Beatrice Tan Wei Zhen 4. Yeo Jun Wei 5. Joelle Ho Jen Hui 6. Austin Chong Sze Ze 7. Leow Kee Teck, Douglas 8. Seow Li Tao Jonathan 9. Berlynn Ng Xuan Qi IMG_6264 Despite the small contingent size, the athletes have performed well in this year’s competition! Also, fellow Martial House athletes who represented their respective school contingents have delivered outstanding results too! In total, the Martial House athletes have attained a total of 6 Gold, 4 Silver & 1 Bronze medals! Congratulations! National Wushu & Sanda Championships 2015 (1) This year, there were competitive events which did not meet the required minimum number of participants. As such, these events became demonstration events and athletes were presented with certificates. From Martial House, the athletes who were presented with these certificates were: National Wushu & Sanda Championnships 2015 (2) Congratulations to all athletes for their outstanding performance in the National Wushu & Sanda Championships 2015! Martial House would like to single out some of the athletes for special mentions. 1. Emily Sin Min Li – Highest Score Awarded in a Regulated Routine IMG_6278 Emily was awarded a high score of 9.40 during her 1st International Nanquan event. It was the highest score awarded to an athlete in a regulated routine event as well as in the entire competition. The Team Singapore athlete has definitely proven that she is one of the best Nanquan athletes in Singapore today. 2. Yap Wei Ren – Highest Score Awarded in a Freestyle Routine IMG_6281 Wei Ren was awarded a score of 9.20 during his Freestyle Changquan event. It was the highest score awarded in a freestyle routine in this year’s competition. Wei Ren is probably one of the most versatile Wushu athletes in Singapore who has made remarkable achievements in traditional, regulated and freestyle events. 3. Josephine Lee Sze Min – Triple Gold Medal Winner IMG_6274 Josephine has dominated the regulated Nanquan events in the youth category by sweeping all three gold medals in the 1st International Nanquan, Nandao & Nangun events! Despite her stunning performance, the budding athlete remained humble and commented that she will continue to work hard. Josephine is definitely one of the young athletes to look out for. 4. Priscilla Lim Sing Hui – Most Number of Supporters FullSizeRender (51)Before the start of Priscilla’s event, a large group of supporters specially came to cheer her on. Including of her team mates from Martial House and National University of Singapore, there were more than 35 supporters who were cheering for her! Despite her 1.5 years hiatus from the Wushu scene, Priscilla did not let her supporters down by attaining the Gold medal in the 2nd International Jianshu event. 5. Yeo Olivia – Most Dedicated Supporter IMG_6280 Martial House would like to specially thank Olivia for her time, effort and commitment in supporting her fellow team mates. Whenever a Martial House athlete is competing, she will be there to assist them, take tons of beautiful photos and scream her lungs out to show her support. She has definitely showcased the true spirit of friendship. IMG_6279 With this, the National Wushu & Sanda Championships 2015 has concluded. Once again, congratulations to all athletes and a big thank you to all who have made this competition possible.

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