Martial House @ NDP 2014

NDP 2014

After months of training, all the time, effort and commitment of the Martial House participants were finally paid off during the National Day Parade (NDP) 2014! 

Martial House and the National Cadet Corps were involved in “Act 4 – Be It!” of NDP which required the participants to form the Lion Head symbol at the end of the performance act. It was definitely a challenging task and the execution would not be possible without the planning and coordination of our talented and capable choreographers, Gordon Choy & Wan GuangYao Eric!

NDP (2)

The lion head symbolises courage, strength and excellence, as well as resilience in the face of challenges. These are the values Martial House aims to instill in students.

NDP (4)

If you have missed the performance by Martial House during this year’s NDP, click here to view the performance from 2:13:55 to 2:19:05.

The next major performance which Martial House will be involved is Chingay 2015! If you are interested to participate in this massive street parade, kindly email your name, NRIC number and contact number to [email protected].

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