“The Marks of a True Sportsman – Neville Cheong”


The following is an article published on Xuan Sports’ website (20 August 2014) which featured Martial House Star, Neville Cheong! Martial House would like to thank Xuan Sports for acknowledging Neville as a true sportsman!

“On the final day of the National Wushu & Sanda Championships 2014, the last event brought much excitement to the Xuan family as we cheered on our last athlete to compete in this entire competition. While our booming cheered filled the entire Woodlands Sports Hall and Jon did a splendid routine, little did we know that his worthy opponent, Neville Cheong was cheering for him at the side while awaiting his own turn on the competition ground.

This small gesture, though unnoticed by most of us, was picked up by our Managing Director, Coach JunMing. He was very touched as Neville has truly shown and embodied the value of true sportsmanship. Although Neville is from another club, he still cheered our athlete on: a move that is seldom seen in the Wushu arena these days.

When Neville went on to perform his routine, he unfortunately fell on his knees during the hands-free cartwheel. Yet, he continued with his routine till the end. This spirit of determination was deeply admired by the Xuan family and we eventually started cheering for Neville also.

What we have learnt from Neville is the important value of true sportsmanship. Although he’s our opponent, we wish to make a tribute to him here, and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours in Wushu.

Well done, Neville.”

Neville is indeed a role model to many, especially to aspiring Wushu athletes! He has demonstrated the value of true sportsmanship, a quality which Martial House aims to instill among its students.

Way to go, Neville! Martial House is proud of you!

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