Day 6 of the 12th National School Games Wushu Championships 2016

IMG_1707 Day 6 marks the last competition day for individual events! It was held at Toa Payoh Sports Hall where athletes strive to impress the judges in the long weapons events! 0cfb35bb9e7099d580fd04ddac7e7c37 The following athletes have performed outstandingly well to attain medals in their respective events: 5-Duan Cudgel – C Boys: Ng Shinn (Anglo-Chinese School (International)) – 3rd Runner-Up Nan Gun (1st Intl) – B Girls: Josephine Lee Sze Min (Anglican High School) – Gold Tan Shi Ling (Beatty Secondary School) – 3rd Runner-Up Cudgel (1st Intl) – C Boys: Ong Pang Jan (Victoria School) – Gold Bryan Ng Jun Han (Victoria School) – Silver Cudgel (1st Intl) – B Boys: Ong Pang Zan (Victoria School) – Gold Brandon Lee Jing Wei (Pei Hwa Secondary School) – 3rd Runner-Up Cudgel (1st Intl) – A Boys: Ng Geng Jui (Meridian Junior College) – Silver Deng Min Long (Meridian Junior College) – Bronze Cudgel (1st Intl) – A Girls: Zhou Yu Shan (Meridian Junior College) – Bronze Spear (2nd Intl) – A Boys: Adrian Tan Kai Xi (Meridian Junior College) – Gold Cheong Nigel (Hwa Chong Institution) – Silver Cudgel (2nd Intl) – B Boys: Teo Jun Wei, Tobias (Victoria School) – Silver 5-Duan Spear – C Girls: Yeo Olivia (Beatty Secondary School) – Silver Spear (1st Intl) – B Boys: Tay Kai Jie, Wordon (Victoria School) – Silver Spear (1st Intl) – B Girls: Loh Yan Ping (Junyuan Secondary School) – 3rd Runner-Up Spear (1st Intl) – A Girls: Ho Lin Ying (Hwa Chong Institution) – Gold Sim Xin Yi Jocelyn (Meridian Junior College) – 3rd Runner-Up Spear (2nd Intl) – B Boys: Ryan Teh Hao Qing (Victoria School) – Silver Cudgel (2nd Intl) – A Boys: Tan Guan Ren, Melvin (Meridian Junior College) – Silver Congratulations to all athletes on your achievements! Well done! IMG_1702 Do forward to our next post to find out how the Martial House athletes fared in the group events and in the 12th National School Games Wushu Championships 2016!

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