[Updated] Martial House Mock Wushu Competition 2016

img_7435 In view of the upcoming National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2016, Martial House will be organising the Martial House Mock Wushu Competition 2016. The mock competition serves as a platform for students to be better-prepared for the actual inter-school championships. The Martial House Mock Wushu Competition 2016 will be held on 5 March 2016 (Saturday) for Primary School Students (Junior & Senior Divisions) and 12 March 2016 (Saturday) for Secondary School and Junior College Students (A, B & C Divisions) at MHQ from 1:00pm onwards. Below are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) by students, parents and teachers: 1. Where is MHQ located? 115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-02 Singapore 409830 2. For whom is this mock competition for? The first mock competition on 5 March 2016 is for primary school students (from both ‘Junior’ & ‘Senior’ divisions). The second mock competition on 12 March 2016 is for secondary school & junior college students (from ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ divisions). 3. Do I have to pay to participate in the mock competition? No fees will be charged to Martial House students as this is an event organised by the Martial House coaches and staff to help students better-prepare for the upcoming National Inter-School Wushu Championships. 4. Must the participants wear their costumes? Though it is optional, participants are strongly encouraged to wear their costumes, especially for students competing for the first time. 5. What time will the mock competition starts? Students are to report at 1:00pm for a short briefing and warm-ups. The first event will start at 2.00pm. 6. What is the events sequence for the mock competition? 1. 3 Duan Changquan 2. 5 Duan Changquan 3. 1st International Changquan 4. 3 Duan Nanquan 5. 5 Duan Nanquan 6. 1st International Nanquan 7. 4 Duan Broadsword 8. 5 Duan Broad Sword 9. 1st International Broadsword 10. 4 Duan Sword 11. 5 Duan Sword 12. 1st International Sword 13. 1st International Nandao 14. 24-Style Taijiquan 15. 42-Style Taijiquan 16. 4 Duan Cudgel 17. 5 Duan Cudgel 18. 1st International Cudgel 19. 4 Duan Spear 20. 5 Duan Spear 21. 1st International Spear 22. 1st International Nangun 23. 32-Style Taijijian 24. 42-Style Taijijian 25. Group Quanshu 26. Group Weapon To register for the event, kindly send the following details to Timothy via email to [email protected]: a. Name of Participant b. Competition Division c. Competition Event(s) Also, if you have any further queries, kindly contact Timothy.

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