[Updated] Day 1 of the 12th National Primary Schools Wushu Championship 2016

IMG_1314 It is Day 1 of the 12th National Primary Schools Wushu Championship 2016! The competition began with the opening ceremony with the young athletes reciting the Athletes’ Oath. Martial House Coach, Leo Rui Yan had the honour to recite the Officials’ Oath on behalf of the judges of the competition. IMG_1318 The competition in the 4-Duan Sword events at Court A was indeed intensive, with 55 and 53 participants in the Junior Boys and Junior Girls divisions respectively. Martial House Stars, Austin Chong and Ng Yu Ninn overcame the odds to attain Gold medals in both events with their outstanding execution of the routine! Well done! 4-Duan Sword (Junior Boys): Austin Chong Sze Ze (De La Salle School) – Gold 4-Duan Sword (Junior Girls): Ng Yu Ninn (Haig Girls’ School) – Gold IMG_1320 The students from the Junior Sports Academy (JSA) – Wushu, under the guidance of Martial House coaches, have performed well in today’s competition as well! They have attained a total of 2 Gold, 1 Silver & 2 Bronze!┬áCongratulations! 4-Duan Sword (Senior Boys): Lim Hongrui (Chongfu School) – Gold 5-Duan Sword (Senior Boys): Lee QiYang, Ansel (Rosyth School) – Gold Chan Chiew Lik (Keming Primary School) – Bronze Sword (Senior Girls): Tiffanie Hew Yu Xun (Chongzheng Primary School) – Silver Sword (Senior Boys): Lim Siew Woo (Zhangde Primary School) – Bronze Day 2 of the competition will resume tomorrow at Tao Nan School from 12:30pm onwards. Martial House wishes all competing athletes the very best and all the best!

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