PM Lee’s Special Moments During NDP 2015

On 23 August 2015, Singapore’s Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong delivered his National Day Rally at ITE College Central. The rally was broadcasted “live” on national television. Nearing the end of his rally, PM Lee mentioned that there were two special moments for him during the SG50 National Day Parade and one of it was the final act “Onwards – Bright Future” by the Ministry of Education (MOE) contingent, choreographed by the Martial House Creative Team. During the rally, PM Lee said “The last item, the kids were in bright LED costumes, putting on an energetic and spectacular performance… They were in high spirits. Their fads shone with excitement and hope. I thought to myself, these are the faces of the future of Singapore.” After the rally, the message was also posted on PM Lee’s Facebook page. Indeed, that was the spirit the Martial House team and 680 student performers hoped to portray during the act. It was such a great honour and pleasure that the performance has left such a deep impression on PM Lee! PM Lee’s comment has definitely made the NDP experience even more memorable for everyone in the team, especially to the young performers. Looking forward to these kids sharing their experiences with their children or even grandchildren at SG100!

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