Missed the GeTai Challenge?

IMG_0929Didn’t manage to watch the joint performance by Marcus Chin and the Martial House Stars on the GeTai Challenge – The Ultimate Battle on television? Fret not, click here to watch it on Toggle! IMG_0918 Before the performance, an introduction video was played where the renowned celebrity Marcus Chin expressed his gratitude to Martial House Artistic Consultant & Choreographer, Gordon Choy for choreographing and arranging the performance! IMG_0921Also, a familiar back was discovered! That was Martial House Coach, Jessen Tan! Coach Jessen, one of the heroes behind-the-scene, was the main coordinator of the six Martial House Stars for the show.  IMG_0933 The item by Marcus Chin was definitely one of the largest scale performance for contest. With the combined effort of all the team members, a successful performance was delivered which won Chin the First Runner-Up title! Once again, congratulations to Chin and team! jessen To the Martial House Stars, well done! Hope you guys enjoyed the experience!

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