“The Elements” @ Bukit Timah Community Centre’s Countdown Show 2015

https://youtube.com/watch?v=yTFx9fivMtI On the last day of 2014, eight Martial House Stars was involved in “The Elements” Wushu performance at Bukit Timah Community Centre’s Countdown Show 2015! Even though the performers were restricted by the limited space on the stage, it did not prevent them from delivering a spectacular performance! The performers involved were: 1. Chan Junwen 2. Koh Yushan 3. Josephine Lee 4. Yap Wei Ren 5. Jeffrey Tan 6. Ng Teck Hong 7. Melissa Mak 8. Koh Jing Sen Special thanks to Martial House Coaches, Wan GuangYao for choreographing the performance, Tan Shu Yan for recording the video & Chen Jiayi for being the backstage manager! If you wish to engage Martial House for a Wushu performance, feel free to send a email query to [email protected].

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