Reann @ Singapore JewelFest 2014

On 21 October 2014, Martial House Coach, Leo Rui Yan (Reann), had a performance at the Singapore JewelFest 2014. 20141021_181842 The event was held at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza where rare gems and fine jewels by Asian designers were showcased. 20141021_183014 Reann was involved in the runway show which she performed a solo act as the opening segment. The performance was not the usual Wushu performance as Reann had to incorporate elements of contemporary dance to her act. 20141021_194827 However, that was not the challenging part. It was the close distance between the audiences and the runway, as shown above, which made Reann nervous because she had to consider their safety as a sword display was part of her act. 20141021_192535 At the back stage, Reann kept running her routine in her mind as she was worried about the safety of the audiences. Nonetheless, Reann managed to deliver an awe-inspiring performance! 20141021_195040 “This performance is definitely different from the usual Wushu performances that I have performed before. I would say this is something fresh and interesting. I am really glad to be given the opportunity to do something like this.” 20141021_195044 Here is a short video teaser of her performance! Enjoy!

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