Zoe is Currently Ranked 3rd!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=mz1FxI_L2wk After executing the 3rd International Daoshu Routine, Martial House Star, Zoe Mui, is currently ranked third in the Combined Daoshu & Gunshu event! The exclusive video of Zoe’s Daoshu performance can be found above! Zoe will be executing the 3rd International Gunshu Routine later. After which, the winners of the┬áCombined Daoshu & Gunshu event will be revealed. All the best, Zoe! Martial House would also like to congratulate Zoe’s team mate, Adalia Jesse Colin, for attaining a Silver medal in the Combined Jianshu & Qiangshu event! It is the second Silver medal for Team Singapore! Congratulations! Jesse

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