Zoe is Currently Ranked 3rd!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=mz1FxI_L2wk After executing the 3rd International Daoshu Routine, Martial House Star, Zoe Mui, is currently ranked third in the Combined Daoshu & Gunshu event! The exclusive video of Zoe’s Daoshu performance can be found above! Zoe will be executing the 3rd International Gunshu Routine later. After which, the winners of the Combined Daoshu & Gunshu event will be revealed. All the best, Zoe! Martial House would also like to congratulate Zoe’s team mate, Adalia Jesse Colin, for attaining a Silver medal in the Combined Jianshu & Qiangshu event! It is the second Silver medal for Team Singapore! Congratulations! Jesse

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