Martial House Stars @ The Sheng Siong Show (2)

88cf34cc283dfafcfecb7fee3209ecef On 26 December 2015, the Martial House Stars made their appearance on The Sheng Siong Show once again! f33b878900e6b844e8c60760f6fa4648 It was a lucky week for the home viewer who was selected to be part of the grand lucky draw segment by the Martial House Stars. He managed to select the “peach” which won him highest possible cash prize! Congratulations! 693d14206f9865a505ebbc0c27a33013 It was also a lucky week for the Martial House Stars too! The Stars got to meet and snap a photo with popular Taiwanese pop singer, Alien Huang (also known as Xiao Gui)! f7f26dfb6975ae7bc098694570c27fb5 When asked about his meeting experience with the pop star, Wei Kai exclaimed, “I’m really grateful to meet Xiao Gui! He has been my idol since I watched the Taiwanese variety programme ‘100% Entertainment’ when I’m in secondary school!”

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