ACES Day @ National Junior College!

IMG_6052 On 6 August 2015, teachers and students from National Junior College (NJC) celebrated National Day through a series of fun-filled activities! Martial House was honoured to be part of the college’s celebration to lead the students in their ACES Day workout! IMG_5981 The ACES Day workout was specially choreographed by the Martial House team led by Coach Wan GuangYao Eric, a budding choreographer who has been actively involved in choreography works for National Day Parades in the recent years.¬†As the theme of the workout was “Martial Arts”, elements from different forms of martial arts, such as Wushu and Muay Thai, could be seen in the routine. The routine was made simple so that it was easy for the students to follow and enjoy! IMG_6053 Under the guidance of the Martial House instructors, students from NJC spent a week to master the routine and successfully complete the workout together as a college during their National Day celebration! The enthusiasm and energy levels of the students were so great that the instructors could hardly hear their own voices on stage! IMG_6054 The Martial House team would like to thank the teachers and students from NJC for all the support provided and for their active participation! Do look forward to the video of the mass workout session which will be released soon! FullSizeRender (44) If you would like to find out more about the Martial House ACES Day Programme, kindly send your queries via email to [email protected].

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