Martial House Mock Wushu Competition 2015 (1)

IMG_7539 On 7 March 2015, Martial House conducted a mock Wushu competition for the primary school student participants of the upcoming National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015. IMG_7439 The purpose of the mock competition was to familiarize students to the competition setting and procedure. Also, it serves as a platform for students to make new friends and to learn from one another. IMG_7447 Martial House Coach Leo Rui Yan (Reann) commented, “I believe this mock competition is not about comparing which student performed better or to access who has a higher chance of winning. Or rather, it is more about helping students improve their self-confidence so that they are able to perform to their best ability during the actual competition. As long as the students do their best during the competition, they are already winners.” IMG_7440 A parent of a student participant of the mock competition also added, “It really takes a lot courage for these young kids to complete a solo performance on the carpet for so many people! If you ask me to go up and perform on my own, I think I will probably just run away! These kids are so impressive!” IMG_7527 Martial House would like to thank all students, parents and teachers for spending the time and effort to participate in the mock competition. Hopefully, you find the mock competition beneficial. Should you have any feedback regarding the mock competition, feel free to send an email to [email protected]. IMG_7435 With less than 2 weeks to the National Inter-School Wushu Championships 2015, Martial House & Wushu Daze wish all participants the best of luck! P.S. The mock competition for secondary school & junior college students participants will be conducted on 14 March 2015, Saturday, at Hong Wen School (Indoor Sports Hall), from 8.30am onwards.

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