Beatty Wednesday Wushu Class Revamped!


Martial House Wushu Class at Beatty Secondary School (Sports Hall) is held on Wednesdays from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

The coaches taking this training session now are: 

1. Leo Wen Yeow

Zoe and Wen Yeow

Coach Wen Yeow is a the Managing Director of Martial House. He was also a former Team Singapore athlete. Students who are training Wushu competitively will be under his charge. Coach Wen Yeow has groomed and nurtured many Wushu talents, including Zoe Mui, who has recently attained 2 Silver medals at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Wushu Tournament!

2. Kevan Cheah

Beatty Wednesday (7)

SEA Games Champion, Coach Kevan, will be coaching students who are preparing for inter-school & national competitions. Students who are focusing on Nanquan routines will also be under him as Nanquan is his forte. Even though it has been less than a year Coach Kevan has joined Martial House, he has trained up numerous outstanding students, including Chua Xin Qi, who has attained 2 Silver medals at the National Wushu & Sanda Championships 2014 recently. 

3. Jessen Tan

Beatty Wednesday (3)

Students who are new to Wushu will be coached by Coach Jessen. Coach Jessen has been a Wushu practitioner since young. As such, he has been developing his knowledge for both competitive and traditional Wushu extensively. With his warm personality, Coach Jessen is able to help new students adapt to new environments quickly and eventually motivate them to become more confident individuals.

Beatty Wednesday (4)

After revamping the Beatty Wednesday Wushu Class, both new and experienced students may now choose to attend this training session! 

Beatty Wednesday (5)

If you would like to enquire about the Beatty Wednesday Wushu Class, kindly drop an email to [email protected].

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