[Updated] Recruitment for Chingay 2015!

Image Martial House will be involved in the upcoming Chingay 2015, the largest street performance and float parade in Asia! As such, we are recruiting performers! Do note that we are not only recruiting performers from Martial House, but from the entire Wushu community in Singapore too! It is a great platform for people with similar interest and passion for Wushu to unite and form a contingent to deliver a mass display together! The performance by the martial arts contingent would be one of the main highlights of Chingay 2015! Many for asked about the the age requirements to participate in this event. As Chingay is a national event that promotes community involvement, we would like to have participants across varying age groups! There is no age discrimination! Interested parties, kindly approach any of the Martial House staffs to express your interest now or email your name, NRIC number and contact number to [email protected]! Let’s be part of this national event together! Click here for more information about Chingay.

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