Video: Kung Fu Quest Episode 1

Over the next few days, Wushu Daze will be sharing videos of the martial arts documentary, ‘Kung Fu Quest’. There is a total of 10 episodes. Each episode features a unique form of the traditional Chinese martial arts. Kung Fu Quest: At the Apex of Wudang Two Hong Kong martial arts practitioners traversed throughout the Wudang Mountains to unveil the secret of Chinese NeiKaquan, internal martial arts. Adapted from National Geographic Channel: “Chinese Kung Fu has developed over time and is flourishing till now. It has a very long history and its practitioners are scattered over different places in China. Owing to distinctive geographical and subtle cultural differences within China, Kung Fu has developed into different beliefs with their very own orders, styles and┬ásystems. Kung Fu has also penetrated into arts, such as different kinds of literature,┬ámovies and dramas. Chinese Kung Fu has gained international exposure and become one of the significant ways for foreigners to learn about Chinese culture. Chinese Kung Fu is not only a local cultural heritage for China; but it is also a shared culture for the world to appreciate this unique practice of martial arts in China. The 7 hosts of this show, featuring Chan Koon Tai, an experienced Hong Kong Kung Fu action star, will take the audience to have a closer look at the five major beliefs of Kung Fu, Wudang, Shaolin, Wing Chun, Kuen Quan and Tai Chi in the hope to gain a better understanding of the real Kung Fu and the underlying meanings behind their practices. It is important to understand that Kung Fu is not only the studies of skills and strategies of attacking and defensing; but it is also a spiritual journey and cultivation of mind for its practitioners. This show probes into the experience of how people, through practicing Kung Fu, get to know, challenge and finally outdo themselves.”  

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