Martial House Mock Competition (Updated)

Image In view of the upcoming inter-schools Wushu competition, Martial House will be conducting a mock competition for its student competitors from A, B & C divisions. The mock competition serves as a platform for students to display their routine(s) in an environment which resembles the actual competition. Points to note: 1. Kindly report at 0815 for self warm-up and preparation. A mass briefing session will be conducted at 0830 and a debriefing session will be conducted once the entire mock competition has ended. Students are recommended to attend both sessions. 2. Costume (a.k.a. biao yan fu) is optional. 3. Students interested in participating this mock competition are to inform their respective coach(es) by 2 April 2014, Wednesday. 4. Each student may choose to display at most 2 individual routines and at most 2 group routines. 5. No score will be given during the mock competition. Rather, comments will be given by the acting judge(s).

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