“An Athlete, A Coach, An Entrepreneur” by Coach Eric

On 6 December 2015, Martial House Coach wan GuangYao Eric was invited to conduct a public sharing session about his life and experience as “An Athlete, A Coach, An Entrepreneur”. During the session, Coach Eric shared about the challenges and struggles faced when he was an athlete and how he managed to overcome them. He also emphasized that winning should never be the only goal and/or motivation for athletes to practice a sport as there is so much more an athlete can gain from it. After which, he shared about how he eventually chose to pursue a career in his passion, Wushu. It was never a smooth sailing journey for Coach Eric especially when his parents were initially not supportive of his decision. However, with perseverance and the resilience to succeed, his coaching life has proven to be fulfilling. To him, the biggest satisfaction as a coach is to see the growth and development of his students. With the mission to promote Wushu as a cultural sport and art across generations, Martial House was founded. Coach Eric then explained how the Martial House team has consistently strive to explore opportunities to increase the public’s awareness of the Chinese martial art and its benefits. Following, it was an interactive Q&A segment with Y.E.S. 93.3FM TV Star Edison Zhao Wen Di as the moderator. It was indeed an insightful segment as different views and perspectives of Wushu were brought up for discussion. Martial House would like to thank Mr. Hoon Thing Leong PBM, Bishan Merchants’ Association, Bishan Community Club and Bosses Network for the invitation and opportunity.

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