Welcome to Wushu Daze!

This is a newly created blog which serves as a platform to share latest news and updates about the local Wushu community here in Singapore. So why the name “Wushu Daze”? According to the dictionary, “daze” means “a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment”. As Wushu has a long cultural heritage and comes in many different forms, people are often astonished by its history and depth of content. Thus, the word “daze” was chosen. Furthermore, the term ” Wushu Daze” sounds like “Wushu Days”. Every month, Wushu stars will be featured to share some of their experiences and stories in the Wushu scene. Hence, these Wushu Stars would recollect some of their most memorable Wushu moments which could be otherwise termed as “Wushu Days”. Latest updates and information about Martial House, including events, performances and promotions, will also be posted here so do keep a lookout for special promotions exclusively for “Wushu Daze” readers! Feel free like to share your views and opinions after each post as readers’ feedback and comments are highly-valued here in “Wushu Daze”.

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