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About "The Worlds of Tomorrow" Programme

This career exploration programme exposes secondary school students to meaningful careers that contribute to the world around us, in small and big ways. After all, a meaningful career may not always be only about pay and working hours. The programme is scaffolded with a structured exploration framework that guides the participants in translating broad career interest and aspirations into practical post-secondary education next steps that can equip them with the skills to undertake careers that contribute to the worlds of tomorrow.

The Worlds of Tomorrow

Building on the Skills Report published by SkillsFuture Singapore recently, each Worlds of Tomorrow programme will feature one of the three Worlds of work curated specially for this programme. For this learning journey, we will be exploring an Informed & Connected World, focusing on jobs and skills that can contribute to our Digital Economy, given massive digitalisation, content development and technological advancements, such as:
- App developers
- Product managers
- Content strategists
- Cybersecurity consultants
- Data analysts

What the students can look forward to?

Skills Tasters - Run by passionate career professionals who are volunteers, students can get to try out key skills that the professionals use in their respective areas of work and experience how work can contribute towards the world around us.

Tour of Lifelong Learning Exploration Centre - Across five thematic zones of exploration, students will get to discover their RIASEC profile, diverse career options and post-secondary education pathways towards having a meaningful career.

My Education Journey - Students will get to hear from tertiary students to learn more about how one’s tertiary education can equip them with the skills to undertake meaningful careers. They can get tips on how to navigate and make tertiary education choices, and in the process be guided to map out their post-secondary education next steps.

Things to note

We seek your help to get all participating students to bring along their Personal Learning Devices (PLDs) as there will be activities that require each student to have a learning device with them – some of these activities will be difficult for students to participate in on a mobile phone.


Date: 5 September 2022, Monday
Time: 9:00am to 12:30pm
Venue: Lifelong Learning Exploration Centre (11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601)
For: Seconday School Students

Programme Timeline

30 mins - Launchpad
Introduction to the Worlds of Tomorrow programme, energiser, and unpacking “Idea of Worlds” and how jobs can contribute to the world around us.

45 mins - Skills Tasters
Participants will get to try out 1 skills taster to understand a key skill that a professional use in their area of work.

45 mins - LLEC Tour
Participants will get to undergo a facilitated tour of the LLEC experience, making connections back to career exploration and the relevance to one’s education pathway.

15 mins - Break

30 mins - “My Education Journey”
A personal sharing by a tertiary student facilitator trained by TAC to share about how their chosen education pathway contributes to the Worlds of tomorrow, to prepare the participants for the next activity

30 mins - World Map Activity
Participants will then be guided to map out the possible tertiary education options that can help them to learn and be trained in skills for the jobs they have in mind that contribute to this World

15 mins - Pause & Think
A consolidation and reflection of the exploration experience for the day

(Total: 3.5 hours)

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