Martial House Registration Guide

Welcome to the Martial House registration guide for new students!

There are 2 parts to our registration as a new student; the annual Martial House Card membership and the Course Packages.


1. Martial House Card Membership

The Martial House Card membership is an annual membership subscription for all students training under Martial House. You will get access to the Martial House Circle, a rewards programme which allows members to earn points when images of receipts are uploaded. Points issued can be subsequently be exchanged for vouchers and/or rewards! Exclusive benefits, deals and invitations can be found in the web app too! There's always something for everyone in the Martial House Circle!

Martial House Card members are also entitled to the following perks:

  • Welcome Points: 200 Points
  • Birthday Gift: 200 Points
  • $10.00 Yi Fong Sports Equipment Voucher upon sign up
  • $10.00 Martial House Voucher upon sign up
  • Up to 20% discount for Weapon purchases at Yi Fong Sports Equipment Supplier
  • Up to S$500.00 Medical Insurance Coverage (for members ages 3 to 75) for training related injury
  • Complimentary nEbO Max Membership (for members ages 12 to 23)
  • Exclusive Promotions & Invitations to Events
  • Eligible for Martial House Referral Programme

To begin, register an account by visiting our Martial House Circle web app, and upon registration, you will be prompt to purchase the annual Martial House Card membership at $58.00. Membership is to be renewed on an annual basis.

During registration of your account, you will be asked to set a unique User ID for yourself. Do remember this User ID as it will be used during your Course Package purchases.

2. Course Packages

Once registration and payment of the Martial House Card membership is completed, head over to the Home Page of the web app. At the center of the Home Page, click on the "Course Packages" icon.

Our Course Packages at Martial House are as follow:

  • Drop-in - $50.00
  • 4 Lessons - $168.00 (5 weeks validity)
  • 8 Lessons - $320.00 (10 weeks validity)
  • 20 Lessons - $760.00 (25 weeks validity)
  • 40 Lessons - $1440.00 (25 weeks validity)
  • 4 weeks Unlimited - $528.00

Package validity refers to the validity period/expiry length of the  package. Do take note of your package validity date to prevent expired packages.

  1. Select the "New Registration" option for first time registration, or "Existing MH Student" for subsequent payments.
  2. Select "Yes" for "Current Active Martial House Membership" and input your User ID that you have created via the Martial House Circle.
  3. Input your personal particulars if you are a new registration.
  4. Select your preferred package and your class session.

And you are done! You are now a Martial House member and student!

Package Hold

Should you require to hold or freeze your Course packages due to medical, urgent or special conditions, you may select the Package Hold Request button at the bottom of the "Course Packages" page.

Submit your relevant information and supporting documents for the package hold, and your request will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

Martial House Card Members - Points & Rewards

1. Earning Points

Martial House Membership Card members will automatically be upgraded to the Martial House Membership Card Plus once they meet the minimum earning criterion of 4,500 points within a 12-month period.

  • Martial House Membership Card: $1.00 = 1.5 points
  • Martial House Membership Card Plus: $1.00 = 2 points

After making payment for your membership and course package, do allow 1-2 working days for our admin staff to process your payment. You should receive an e-receipt of your payment amount via your registered email. Once you receive your e-receipt, take a screenshot of it. Next, head over to the "Receipt Submission" button in the Martial House Circle app.

Upload the screenshot of the e-receipt, and include the details of your receipt number, payment amount, date and note (if any) and click "Submit".

Receipt amount must meet the minimum spend of $10.00 to qualify. All receipts are to be submitted within the next 7 days from the date of receipt transaction. Receipt verification will take up to 2 working days for mobile submission.

2. Rewards/Voucher Usage

With the points earned, members can convert their points for vouchers and benefits listed in the “Rewards” tab of the Martial House Circle webapp.

To use your reward, tap the “Rewards” tab >> “My Rewards” >> the reward you want to use.

For Martial House Gift Vouchers, click use and it will prompt you for a staff code.

  1. Enter "1226" >> "Submit".
  2. Head back to the Home Page >> "Course Packages", and under "Type of Registration", select "Others".
  3. Input package amount less voucher amount;

Eg: 20 lessons package is $620, so input $610 for $10 Martial House voucher usage.
Under remarks, state the package or payment that you are paying for.