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Choosing the Right Course

Martial House offers a wide range of courses at our training studios. Different courses cater to the different learning objectives and proficiency levels of our students. Check out the courses available below and feel free to get in touch with us should you require any assistance!

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Kungfu Tots

A basic Wushu course for the young, ages 4 to 6 years old. Here, both discipline and fun are strongly emphasised to further develop the toddlers' motivation and interest towards the learning of Chinese martial arts.


This Beginner course is for students who are new to Wushu, where they learn about the fundamentals of Chinese martial arts, from basic stances and kicks to basic movements and routines. These would help facilitate students’ advancement to the competitive or belt grading track in the future.


Under the Intermediate course, students will have a deeper understanding of the various Wushu styles, weapons and routines as they progressively promote from Green to Black belt under the grading system of De Wu Pugilistic Association.

Competitive Preparatory Class

This is a preparatory course for students who are keen to practise Wushu competitively. Training sessions under this course focus on building up students' basics and foundation, such as strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina, so that they are better prepared for the intensive CCA training in schools for competitions.

Competitive Wushu

This course is for students who possess a positive learning attitude and exhibit great potential in Wushu. The key objective of this course is to provide students with high-intensity training to better prepare them for competitions at both local and international levels.

Competitive Taiji

In addition to its slow and relaxed movements, Competitive Taiji also involves difficult holds, balances and jump kicks which require good balance, flexibility and strength. These elements are incorporated into the training plan for students of this course.

Wushu Classic

The classes under the Wushu Classic course focus on traditional Wushu where students will have an in-depth understanding of specific styles of routines, such as Bajiquan.

Lifestyle Taiji

At Martial House, the Yang style is the main form of Taijiquan that is taught. Students will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills of Taiji before advancing to learn its applications through Taiji Push Hands, which is also known as ”tuishou”.

Private Training

Martial House offers private lessons to students. Coaches develop customised lesson plans for students in accordance to their personal needs and objectives. By having all the coaches' attention, students are able to learn and progress effectively at their own pace.

One-Time Trial Class @ $30.00!

Usual Price: $60.00

Embark on Your Wushu Journey!

We are excited to have you as part of the Martial House family!