Zhang Feng

中文姓名: 张峰

Zhang Feng is a qualified Wushu coach, certified by Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation.

His passion for wushu started young and at the age of seven, Coach Zhang has started his professional wushu sports education in 1998.

Attaining numerous outstanding results in countless competitions, Coach Zhang was enlisted under the Shandong province wushu team in 1995.

A Bachelor Degree graduate of Shandong Physical Education Institute, under physical education faculty, majored in National Traditional Sports (Wushu); Coach Zhang is professionally trained in both traditional and competitive wushu sports coaching and was awarded First Class Wushu Judge for People’s Republic of China.

By 2006, Coach Zhang was a full-time professional wushu sports coach in a sports education institute in Liaoning province, China.

Year Obtained
National College Wushu Competition
1st Placing (3)
National Championship
Overall Individual 3rd Placing, 
3rd Placing (1), Group Event 1st Placing
National Championship
Overall Individual 2nd Placing, 
2nd Placing (1),3rd Placing (1)
National Championship
4th Placing (1)
National Championship
Group Event 2nd Placing
The Fourth National Farmer Games
1st placing (1), 2nd Placing (1)
National Youth Competition
2nd Placing (1), Sparring 3rd Placing
National Youth Competition
1st Placing (1), 3rd Placing (1)
Shandong Province Competition
1st Placing (1), 2nd Placing (1)
Shandong Province Competition
1st Placing (1), 2nd Placing (1)
Shandong Province Competition
1st Placing (1)
Shandong Province Binzhou City Competition
All-round Champion (5 Events)
Coaching Qualifications Issued By
Certificate for Coaches (National) Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation
NCAP Level One* Singapore Sports Council
First Aid (Adult) Singapore First Aid Training Centre
De Wu Pugilistic Association Black Belt Coach De Wu Pugilistic Association
Certificate for First Class Wushu Judge (China) Shandong Physical Education Institute
Bachelor Degree in Sports Education
(majored in Wushu)
Shandong Physical Education Institute
Other Award Issued By
National Level Athlete General Administration of Sport of China
Other Related Experiences
2011 December Cultural Exchange with Junior College to China, Beijing
2003 Represented China Wushu Team in cultural exchange with France
2001 Represented China Wushu Team in cultural exchange with Germany
1999 Represented China Wushu Team in cultural exchange with Hong Kong