Wan GuangYao

中文姓名: 路璐

Wan GuangYao Eric started his wushu sports since he was Primary 4, 1996. Since then, not only is he knowledgeable in traditional routines but also specialise in International Northern Fist Routines, GuangYao advancement in wushu was steadyfast, he won numerous medals in Singapore National Wushu competition and attended training in the Singapore National Wushu Team.

GuangYao has a strong foundation in his leadership skills, he started as an IC for his training wushu team, and was the captain for his seconday CCA NCC. He headed and was the president during year 2003 and 2004 in his academy years in polytechnic. He also leaded his strong team to championship in year 2004.

GuangYao started coaching in year 2001 by being an assistant. And as he grew, he moved on to being a coach. Currently he is a qualified Wushu Instructor, certified by Singapore National Wushu Federation. He is also NCAP Certified. With his years of experience in wushu, he has produce numerous young champions and made their future look even brighter.

Year Obtained
Singapore National Wushu Championship
1 Silver
Singapore National Wushu Championship
1 Gold, 2 Silver
Singapore National Wushu Championship
3 Gold, 1 4th Position
Singapore Inter-School Wushu Championship
1 Gold, 2 Silver
Singapore National Wushu Championship
1 Bronze
Singapore National Wushu Championship
1 Silver, 1 4th Position
National Youth Wushu Championship
All rounder 5th Placing
Singapore National Wushu Championship
1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Singapore National Wushu Championship
2 Bronze
Coaching Qualifications Issued By
Certificate for Judges Singapore National Wushu Federation
Certificate for Coaches Singapore National Wushu Federation
De Wu Pugilistic Association Black Belt De Wu Pugilistic Association
First Aid (Adult) St. John Ambulance Association
National Registry of Coaches (NROC) Singapore Sports Council
NCAP Theory Singapore Sports Council
PA Trainer People's Association


Other Certificates Issued By
The Silver Level National Youth Achievement Award



Instructor Wan GuangYao, Eric, has been involved in the choreography and co-ordination work for many major events, dinners and celebrations.

Events Year Involvements
NDP 2012: Loving Singapore, Our Home 
- Act 1 (Our Identity)
2012 Wushu Choreographer
9th National Wushu Display 2012 Wushu Choreographer
International Lion Dance Championship 2011 Wushu Choreographer
Mediacorp Channel 8 - On The Fringe 2011 Wushu Choreographer
NDP 2011: Majulah! The Singapore Spirit 
- Act 2 (Birth)
2011 Wushu Choreographer
Singapore Heritage Fest - Oh! What A Night Concert 2011 Wushu Choreographer
Resort World Sentosa: Voyage De La Vie 2011 Wushu Choreographer
People's Association: Soundwaves Summers's Night 2010 Wushu Choreographer
Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2010 Wushu Choreographer
NDP 2009: Reaching Out. Reaching Up. 
- Chapter 6 (Against All Odds)
2009 Assistant Wushu Choreographer